Avengers 4: Pom Klementieff Teases Her Return as Mantis

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Mantis is the latest character to be confirmed for Avengers 4. Although Avengers: Infinity War hasn't even hit theaters yet, production is already well-underway on its 2019 sequel. While fans already know that the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy meet in Infinity War, it looks like Pom Klementieff has also signed on for the concluding chapter in the Thanos saga.

One of the newest additions to the MCU, Klementieff stole hearts with her arrival in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Unless Thanos plans on resurrecting Mantis through the use of an Infinity Stone to tease her teammates, it looks like the honorary Guardian will make it out of the events of Infinity War alive.

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Taking to her Facebook page (see below), the 31-year-old star teased that she is back in the makeup trailer in anticipation of 2019's fourth Avengers movie. Although there may be some major losses facing Marvel's greatest heroes in Infinity War, it seems that the emotional empath Mantis will live to fight another day.

Writing “Pomantis is back in the makeup trailer!", Klementieff then added the hashtag Avengers: Infinity War to remind everyone where she is heading next. Introduced in this year's Vol.2, Mantis soon settled in amongst our usual favorites to add some comic relief to James Gunn's sequel. From being the unwilling sidekick to a malevolent Ego, Mantis finished the events of Vol. 2 aboard the Milano with the rest of the Guardians and facing an unknown future.

Production on Avengers 4 began earlier this summer, and Klementieff is among the bumper crop of acting talent currently filming in Atlanta. Although her time on set could be for some last-minute Infinity War reshoots, it is much more likely that Mantis is preparing for Round No. 2 with the Mad Titan. Earlier this month, Gwyneth Paltrow spoiled that Pepper Potts and War Machine would be suiting up for Avengers 4, while Sebastian Stan also confirmed the involvement of Bucky Barnes. Although other Guardians are also sure to appear ahead of their third solo film, fans can now add Mantis to the growing cast list for Avengers 4.

Everyone knows that the Russo Brothers' Infinity War will be the biggest MCU movie to date, but there are hopes that Avengers 4 will be an even grander affair. With everyone preparing for the deaths of some notable heroes across the two-part "Infinity War" saga, it is a relief to see that Mantis should at least be around for that big Thanos showdown.

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