Jon Favreau Confirms Avengers 4 Return as Happy Hogan

Jon Favreau reveals that Happy Hogan will be in Avengers 4. A year from now, the final chapter of the 22-film arc that the MCU has been treading for 10 years will finally roll out. And fittingly, one of the people who started the famed franchise will be there - not as a filmmaker, but as an actor with Favreau reprising his recurring role as Tony Stark's right-hand man and old pal, Happy.

The character may not be making an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, but he'll be back into the fold next year via the MCU's Phase 3 capper. Last time fans have seen him was in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Peter Parker's point person for Stark. But following the events of the origin film, people can assume that he's a little busy helping with the forthcoming nuptials between his boss and Pepper Potts, and it's curious if he's ever gotten the promotion that he's vying for.

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During the YouTube live stream of Infinity War's red carpet premiere in Los Angeles last night, Favreau revealed that while he's not in Avengers 3, Happy Hogan fans will be thrilled to know that he's confirmed for next year's Avengers 4. "I'm not in this movie. Spoiler alert, but I'm an executive producer. And I'm in...I think I can say I'm in the next movie, Avengers 4. Is that fair to say," the actor/filmmaker said.

Jon Favreau directing Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man

Based on previously released spots, as well as on-set photos, Hogan's return indicates that both Avengers 3 and 4 may be happening in just a short period of time (minus the technical possibility of time travel). It can be remembered last year that pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow, RDJ, and Favreau filming for Avengers 4 made the rounds online. More recently, a brand new Infinity War clip revealed Stark and Pepper Potts together sporting the same ensembles as they were wearing in that aforementioned shot. Now, considering Favreau's comments about Happy not appearing in the forthcoming film, it's possible that the events of the twin Avengers sequels may take place in just a matter of days.

While it'll take another year for Happy to appear on the screen again, it's still a huge year for Favreau who's celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Iron Man next month. The pioneering director of the MCU, much of the success of the famed franchise is due to the work he put in Marvel Studios' first independent project. He also pushed for RDJ's casting as Tony Stark, which may sound like a no-brainer now considering how synonymous that role is to the actor, but at that time, a lot of people thought it was a wrong move considering the 52-year-old's troubled past. And now, a decade after, everything he started is going to be wrapped up in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment Live Stream

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