Avengers 4: Jeremy Renner Celebrates His Last Day Of Reshoots

Jeremy Renner is finishing up his role in Avengers 4. Despite being an original member of the Avengers, Renner was completely absent from Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year. The movie explained he was at home and retired, but many still wish Hawkeye was around to help in Wakanda. Clint Barton will rise in Avengers 4 (presumably after his family were casualties of Thanos' snap) but fans may not recognize him. Early rumors for the untitled conclusion to Phase 3 pointed to Barton becoming Ronin, a darker, more violent persona he has in the comics.

This has yet to be officially confirmed for Avengers 4, but the markings are on the wall. Set photos from the movie confirmed the new black and gold costume for Renner. This has only been glimpsed in Avengers 4 promo art, but not with the full suit. He will completely rejoin the surviving heroes eventually - but Renner's time is now about done.

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Renner has been very active on social media teasing his involvement in Avengers 4's reshoots. He confirmed his return at the start of the month and has since teased his presence in some action sequences through a bloody and bruised photo. Now, he's a bit happier as he celebrated on Instagram the end of his time filming Avengers 4 reshoots.

Pinewood Studios in Atlanta has seen a steady circulation of MCU stars, but Renner appears to be one of the few who have been involved throughout the entire reshoots. This could point to how significant of a role Hawkeye/Ronin has in Avengers 4, which is supposed to be part of a larger arc for the sharpshooter. For instance, Chris Hemsworth (and Tessa Thompson) left the set after just two days of filming. Thor won't be there for Hawkeye's final day, and judging by Renner's #missingmyA6 hashtag, it appears he's the last original Avenger filming.

The larger question at hand is whether or not September 28, 2018 will be the last time Renner suits up on an MCU set. Avengers 4 is the culmination to the MCU and will both end stories and set up characters to take the lead for the next decade. There's been hardly any indication that Renner is being lined up for a solo movie of his own, and there's been plenty of teases that major characters will die in Avengers 4. Hawkeye has long been the front-runner for the first original Avenger to die, so that could happen here. Or, he could be the only one to survive, which is why Renner's missing his pals. With Marvel's deaging tech and the upcoming Marvel Studios shows on Disney's streaming service, there's certainly potential for a future for Renner in the MCU. But, we'll have to see what Avengers 4 does with him before knowing for sure.

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