Jeremy Renner Teases Avengers 4 Return as Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner will suit up as Hawkeye again soon for Avengers 4. Even though Renner is one of the original six Avengers, he hasn't received the same level of screen time as his co-stars. His absence in Avengers: Infinity War's marketing was one of the biggest talking points, as many wondered what role he could possibly have. He only gets a quick mention in the movie to explain his absence, one that is supposed to be part of a larger arc for the character.

Thanks to leaked set photos and a variety of rumors, it is all but confirmed that, when Renner returns for Avengers 4, he won't actually be coming back as Hawkeye. The evidence points to him instead adopting the darker Ronin persona, leading many to believe it is due to the death of his family. Whatever suit he wears or name he has, Renner is about to suit up again.

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Renner posted a photo on Instagram teasing his return. Using a photo from Captain America: Civil War (his last appearance), the MCU star teases a need to suit up again in the near future. Some curious hashtags such as #missmyfriends and #lovemyfamily could be both literal for Renner missing his fellow Avengers stars while spending time with the family and tease Clint Barton's mindset too. But, the final one is #nestunknown, further highlighting the mystery that currently surrounds Hawkeye's location.


This need for Renner to suit up again appears to be pretty obvious, despite him trying to keep it somewhat unknown. Even though Avengers 4 wrapped filming several months ago, the planned reshoots have been approaching. There's no reported start date for them right now, but the most recent update said they'd be done filming by September. This leaves just over a month to film any additional or changed scenes for Avengers 4.

What they will be, though, is completely unknown, as not even an official title has been revealed. But, Renner's inclusion does, at least, confirm that he is going to be part of them. The only look at Avengers 4 to this point features Renner's Hawkeye/Ronin alongside the other original Avengers, Rocket, Nebula, War Machine, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. The reshoots could add almost anything at this point, but if other actors - like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Brie Larson, etc. - tease their involvement, then fans could start to pinpoint the magnitude of the reshoots.

The Russo brothers are currently editing the movie and must have a decent cut assembled at this point to know what scenes need reshot or added. With the elongated post-production schedule for Avengers 4, there's always the chance that additional reshoots could happen early next year too. But, the Russos also appear to be very happy with how the film is shaping up - going as far as to say it may be their best work in the MCU - and whatever they're adding or changing is only being done to improve the film. Considering the lacking presence of Hawkeye before, hopefully he gets his time in the spotlight throughout the film - whether the scenes are part of these reshoots or not.

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