Avengers 4: What Iron Man Could Look Like With New, White Armor

If Iron Man gets a matching white suit in Avengers 4, this is what it could possibly look like. Superhero costumes are constantly changing in the MCU, but no hero changes their look as much as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The billionaire inventor has created 50 variations of his Iron Man suit. Each have served different purposes, but his Bleeding Edge armor from Avengers: Infinity War was put to the test in a battle against Thanos. With the massive losses that came as a result of the Avengers not stopping the Mad Titan, it is believed that Tony will have at least one new suit come Avengers 4.

While his upgrade isn't confirmed, it does appear likely. Concept art for Avengers 4 teased the variations of a possible new design for Iron Man. These came after a toy box revealed new, white Avengers branded suits being worn by Thor and Rocket Raccoon. Even Captain America looks to have one ready for next year, but this could be a sign that the rest of the surviving heroes will also get these new looks.

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Fan artist Lord Tectonic shared his interpretation on what Tony's white Avengers 4 Iron Man armor could look like. The suit is primarily white with sections of black. The Avengers' "A" is included on his chest plate, while his face plate is completely black with red light coming from his eyes. It is a more menacing design for Iron Man, and the intimidation factor doesn't stop there thanks to the giant laser gun he's carrying with him.

If Iron Man also receives one of these white suits in Avengers 4, it wouldn't be too surprising if it winds up looking like this. The only change that could be made it to make him a bit less evil looking, but that could be used to show a darker, distraught Tony too. His new weapon doesn't look to be one that could possibly come from Eitri's next batch of weapons, but after working so hard for just a single drop of blood, Tony is sure to have upgraded his firepower to be a bit more powerful in the inevitable rematch.

While we don't yet know if Iron Man will get one of these suits, he could be involved in designing them for the rest of the team. They appear to resemble Hank Pym's Quantum Realm traveling suit from Ant-Man and the Wasp, which may prove that these suits will be used to enter the Quantum Realm and travel through time. If this is the case, set photos appeared to indicate Tony and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) will travel back to the Battle of New York, so he'd need a suit capable of surviving the Quantum Realm. His regular suit may already have that ability, but he may also need to wear a different suit in Avengers 4, and it could look similar to this design.

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Source: Lord Tectonic

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