Avengers 4 May Include Pepper Potts’ Rescue Armor

Pepper Potts discovers the Rescue suit in Invincible Iron Man #10

Gwyneth Paltrow may indeed suit up in Avengers 4 and wear Pepper Potts' Rescue armor. The Marvel Cinematic Universe suffered catastrophic losses when Thanos snapped his fingers at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Half of the universe's population vanished and left only a small group of heroes to try and save the day next year. All of the original six Avengers survived and they'll be joined by Nebula, Rocket, War Machine, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. But, after having close to two dozen heroes trying to stop Thanos, they could need some new faces to join the fight.

One of the most popular theories to surface during Avengers 4's filming was that Pepper Potts could make the leap to become a hero herself, or at the very least suit up to save Tony. After all, her fiance is stranded on Titan with Nebula, and Paltrow teased having to wear a motion capture suit for filming. Now, there may be some proof that she did so to wear an Iron Man suit again.

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Twitter user @SebiMarvel shared some art of the Avengers 4 Hero Vision toy line that looks to confirm Pepper will suit up. The art includes the Thor and Rocket white suit paired toy set that made its way online last week, and further teases the Captain America and Captain Marvel combo pack. However, the third pairing is of Iron Man and what looks to be a purple and white version of an Iron Man suit. This looks to be the Rescue suit that Pepper Potts has worn, with the design resembling the look of the armor in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures animated series.

If this is Pepper in the suit, then it could point to a larger role than some may have expected. Although many thought Infinity War set up her going to Titan to rescue Tony, that line was misunderstood. The creation of her own toy could just be for marketing purposes, as toys are not always an accurate representation of the movie. But since Paltrow previously teased this possibility and had a role large enough to be involved in Avengers 4 reshoots, it looks more likely than not that this is Pepper in the suit and that she will suit up next year.

That said, there is also a theory that this could actually be Nebula (Karen Gillan) in this suit. Both Tony and Nebula need to get off Titan, but there's no clear avenue for him to make her this suit. It could happen after the fact and give the daughter of Thanos a bit more firepower for if she ever gets to face him. Since Tony and Nebula are paired together on Titan, combining their action figures together could make sense, and the purple design could reflect Nebula's blue and purple look. Unless better images arrive that prove this to be true, it is more likely to be Pepper. So when Avengers 4 hits next year, Pepper could become Rescue and wear a suit that looks like this.

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Source: SebiMarvel

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