Every New Iron Man Armor Rumored For Avengers 4 (So Far)

Iron Man Avengers 4 Armors

Tony Stark is going to have a lot of new Iron Man suits and weapon variants in Avengers 4 if various set photos and merchandise art is to be believed. With less than seven months until the MCU's 22-film narrative come to a close, Marvel Studios remains mum about Avengers 4; there have been no official updates (not even a title) for the much-anticipated blockbuster.

But even Marvel can't stop set photos, artwork and speculation happening online. From time travel to Professor Hulk, there's a lot of discussion happening, although some of the biggest centers on what Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) new Iron Man armor might be like in the film.

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Aside from Nebula, none of the surviving Avengers are more eager to take down Thanos than Stark. Following the psychological torture inflicted on the hero since the Mad Titan first move against Earth during the Battle of New York, the villain's victory in Avengers: Infinity War now forces Stark to live out his worst nightmare. And, when given another the chance to take down the bad guy once for all, he'll make sure that he's better prepared for whatever Thanos throws at him by devoting his time building new suits and weapons.

Iron Man's New Regular Armor In Avengers 4

Avengers 4 Trailer Description

The first look at the main characters in Avengers 4 came via some key art. This gave us a first look at Captain America's scaled suit, Ant-Man's redesign and more. Unlike most of the other surviving heroes featured in the illustration, Stark seems to be sporting the same armor he had in Avengers: Infinity War - an odd thing considering his penchant for finding different ways to better his suits. Since he made Mark I ten years ago, Tony has religiously improved not just his own costume, but his other superhero pals' as well. So it doesn't really make a lot of sense if he won't sport a new armor come Avengers 4.

Of course, what's seen in the illustration may actually be an updated version of his armor but just with subtle design changes. Given Mark 50's nanotech, it can look the same when it's on standard mode and then change form or abilities depending on its owner's needs. So while Stark's suit looks the same in the Avengers 4 art, it's possible that he's added new capabilities tailored to what he learned about Thanos during their Titan one-on-one showdown. Indeed, alleged Avengers 4 concept art has teased several new weapons for Stark.

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Iron Man's Quantum Realm Suit

One of the most popular Avengers 4 theories is that it's really a time travel film. Set photos have shown an older Tony Stark and Scott Lang during the Battle of New York from The Avengers, and it's beginning to look like the plot will see the survivors traveling back through the MCU to avert Thanos' snap using the Quantum Realm.

To do that, though, the Avengers may need specialized suits Avengers 4 toy promo art showcased Thor and Rocket in new white suits that looked strikingly similar to what Hank Pym wore on his journey to save Janet van Dyne from the Quantum Realm. It's been theorized that these new costumes are how the characters will travel in time through the microverse.

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While there was no art showing Stark in a Quantum Realm armor, it would only make sense given he seems to be at the forefront of Avengers 4's time-traveling escapades, while independent concept art suggested a redesigned helmet. A fan artist even took it upon himself to imagine what a Quantum Realm Iron Man armor would look like.

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