What Iron Man's New Avengers 4 Armor Could Look Like

New artwork reveals what Tony Stark's Iron Man suit might look like in Avengers 4. One of the survivors of Thanos' deadly snap in Avengers: Infinity War, MCU's inaugural hero is forced to live out his worst nightmare after the Mad Titan successfully executed his evil plans handing Earth's Mightiest Heroes their first real defeat. Last time fans saw Stark, he was stranded in Titan with Nebula. It's still uncertain how he'll make his way back to Earth but previously leaked set images for the still-untitled Marvel Studios film confirm that he'll return to his home planet and eventually team up with his old pals like Captain America and Hulk.

Reshoots for Avengers 4 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago as announced by directors Joe and Anthony Russo. While Marvel Studios has remained mum about the film, fans understandably gobble up any kind of information - official or not - and scrutinize it in the hopes of learning more about the much-anticipated blockbuster. One fan, however, devoted his time to create a mock-up of Stark's brand new Iron Man armor using alleged leaked details about his next suit.

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The image is a combination of all the supposed leaked details about Stark's new armor in Avengers 4. Courtesy of digital artist ultraraw26 on Instagram, the body of the armor is inspired by the previously revealed blurred concept artwork from a few weeks ago. That batch of leaked images also included a look at Captain America's updated costume, as well as Captain Marvel's appearance in the film. Meanwhile, the arm appendages are based on a separate concept art leak, which also included a glance at the alleged new headgear for the character (wasn't adapted in the new image). Check out the illustration below.

Much like in every film that he has been in since he kicked off the MCU in 2008, Stark is expected to sport a brand new suit come Avengers 4. Not only does it follow business mandate for every superhero to have an updated costume every single time they appear in a brand new picture in order to sell more toys and merchandise, but it also makes sense considering that Stark is obsessed with improving his own creations. That said, there are several pieces of fan-art that imagine a drastically changed Iron Man suit - something that Marvel Studios will more likely not do considering that the character's trademark is its classic red and gold armor.

Aside from a brand new suit, recent Avengers 4 leaks also claim that Iron Man's devastating Proton Cannon from Capcom's 1995 arcade game, Marvel Super Heroes might also make its big screen debut. Although since War Machine had also used it in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes game, some are postulating that it might be Rhodey who'll use it rather than Tony. Regardless of what Stark's new suit may be like, one thing is for sure, he will stop at nothing to ensure that Thanos pays for his catastrophic actions and that order in the universe is restored.

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Source: ultraraw26 

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