Iron Man Decapitates Thanos in Startling Avengers 4 Fan Art

Tony Stark and Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man learns from Thor's Avengers: Infinity War mistake and goes for Thanos' head in a brand new Avengers 4 fan-created artwork. The looming threat of the Mad Titan has been a major factor in Tony's personal arc since 2012's The Avengers, after he realized that aside from Earth-bound threats, there's more to be dreaded out in the cosmos. Since then, this nagging fear, further fueled by a Scarlet Witch-induced vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, drove him to create Ultron, causing people to see him as somewhat of an accidental villain. The conflict in Captain America: Civil War only continued that character trajectory, when he was pitted against Steve Rogers. However, in reality, Tony is anything but a bad guy. The arrival of Thanos and him ultimately succeeding in wiping out half of life in the universe proved that Tony had always been right.

Plot details for Avengers 4 are still scant at the moment, and it's by design, considering that Marvel Studios remains mum about any official update with regard to the much-anticipated film. The culmination of the 22-film arc that the franchise has been telling since 2008's Iron Man, the movie's title is still a mystery and isn't expected to be revealed until later in the year when marketing starts, though time travel and the Quantum Realm are two concepts expected to play a part in the film's narrative. Currently, the cast and crew are busy with scheduled reshoots that will reportedly last the entire summer.

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Coming from digital artist ultraraw26 on Instagram is a new Avengers 4 artwork visualizing Iron Man defeating Thanos once and for all. Following the Mad Titan's taunting advice to Thor at the end of Infinity War, Stark goes straight for the villain's head, and rips it off his body. Check out the startling image below:

Admittedly, it's highly unlikely that something this visually gruesome would happen in a Marvel film. Infinity War even scrapped a version of its Soul World ending which would've featured Thanos walking through a pool of blood while he talked to young Gamora because Marvel deemed it too dark, so something as gory as this will not be allowed in a usually family-friendly MCU installment. Having said that, that doesn't mean that fans won't see Iron Man go head-to-head again with the Mad Titan, especially given their history with each other. It's still unclear what everyone's status will be once Avengers 4 picks up, but fans are betting that Tony will be very motivated to find a way to restore order in the universe after Thanos' deadly snap. And while the fight with the supervillain has always been personal for "Earth's best defender"Peter Parker's death will undoubtedly further fuel his desire to take him down. However it pans out, one thing seems for sure: Tony Stark will likely play a major role in Thanos' defeat.

Not much is known regarding the fate of Tony or Thanos past Avengers 4. Between Kevin Feige's comments about some Phase 1 characters ending their MCU journeys with the still-untitled ensemble film, and Downey's contract ending, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Iron Man really dies in the movie. As for the Mad Titan, Brolin previously implied that his stint as the villain will be for a limited time only, giving people the impression that he's done playing the role after the Phase 3 capper. But in more recent interviews, he sounded more than willing to return and reprise his role, especially with plans for The Eternals film in Marvel Studios' docket.

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Source: ultraraw26/Instagram

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