Iron Man's Avengers 4 Armor May Be Radically Different

Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark aka. Iron Man might get radically different armor in Avengers 4 if newly surfaced concept art is any indication. Since Tony Stark crafted his very first suit of armor in 2008's Iron Man, the character has gone through a number of costume changes and upgrades. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Iron Man suit had a number of new features, including using nanotechnology to reform mid-battle with Thanos. Of course, the suit couldn't help Tony save the universe and Infinity War ended with Thanos wiping out half of all life with a single snap of the Infinity Gauntlet.

However, Tony was left alive at the end of Infinity War and, as a result, he's set to join forces with other heroes in order to try to save the universe in Avengers 4. So far, little is known about Avengers 4, and what we do know comes from set photos, unofficial concept art and merchandising. For instance, Avengers 4 set photos depicting the events of The Avengers indicate the heroes may be traveling back in time somehow, and toy packaging revealed the new Avengers costumes that are white and black. Now, additional unofficial concept art for Avengers 4 indicates Iron Man may also be getting a new suit.

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Iron Man concept art surfaced on Reddit, posted by user jamhood007, depicting redesigned armor that may appear in Avengers 4. The art features three different Iron Man helmets, with different visor designs, all in a white/silver style, rather than the character's typical red and gold. Another piece of art details a new design for the arm of the Iron Man armor, one that's silvery like the helmets, though the chest portion is still red and gold. The last two pieces of art showcase two of Iron Man's weapons, one a heavy-duty blaster and the other has double blades that extend from the armor.

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Of course, it makes sense for Iron Man to get new armor for Avengers 4. Not only does it appear from previous images that most of the team will be getting new suits, but it falls in line with Tony Stark's emotional arc throughout the MCU. In Iron Man 3, the character crafted a number of suits after the traumatic events of The Avengers. Having Peter Parker (Tom Holland) disintegrate in his arms as a result of Thanos' snap in Infinity War will no doubt affect Tony emotionally, and that emotional reaction will likely be reflected in Iron Man - either through a new suit of armor or some other way.

Further, rumors point to Avengers 4 picking up some time, potentially years, after the events of Infinity War. Since Tony's most recent suit was all but destroyed by Thanos in Infinity War, it makes sense that the genius would have come up with new armor, armor that stands a chance of defeating Thanos in a potential rematch. Plus, if most of the Avengers are donning new costumes because they're travelling to space or into the Quantum Realm, it would also make sense for Tony to craft a new Iron Man suit specifically tailored to the mission.

That said, another reason it makes sense for Iron Man to get a new costume is so Marvel and Disney can sell new toys. After all, that's often why superhero and other kid-friendly franchises redesign characters for each installment. No matter the reason, though, it does appear as if Iron Man will be getting a new suit for Avengers 4. And, if the movie turns out to be Downey Jr.'s last appearance as Tony Stark - as fans have long theorized - hopefully Avengers 4 will give Iron Man a suit and sendoff worthy of the character that first kicked off the MCU.

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Source: jamhood007

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