Avengers 4 Fan-Made Marvel Intro Reminds Viewers Of Infinity War's Ending

An Avengers 4 fan-created intro reminds fans of the shocking final moments of Avengers: Infinity War. Almost three months after Marvel Studios rolled out their biggest film yet, fans are still baffled at how the threequel ended with Earth's Mightiest Heroes suffering their first real defeat at the hands of Thanos. Despite getting help from the Guardians of the Galaxy and other several independently operating superheroes, the Avengers failed to foil the Mad Titan's plans of galactic genocide resulting in people, as well as plants and animals, suddenly disintegrating into dust.

With Marvel Studios' third and final movie for 2018 (Ant-Man & The Wasp) already out, it will be a fairly long wait before people get a new MCU film installment in Brie Larson's Captain Marvel which won't be out until March of next year. Given this, people are looking for ways to keep themselves occupied by either scouring the internet for any clues as to what might go down in the still-untitled Avengers sequel or waiting for any official update regarding the movie. One fan, however, used his time and effort to create an imagined intro for Avengers 4.

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A mock-up Avengers 4 intro video posted on Reddit by user NedLeeds1 is gaining interest as it subtly reminds people of the final moments of Infinity War. The fan-created video applied the same dusting effect to the Marvel Studios logo similar to how Avengers 3's title card turned into dust by the end of the film in reference to how people, including several MCU heroes, were suddenly vaporized after Thanos' click. The intro also implied that there will be a 4-year time-jump between the events of Infinity War and its sequel.

Aside from the visual reminder plus the insinuation of a time-jump, the clip also included a reference to Ant-Man & The Wasp. At the start of the video, one can hear Scott's voice screaming "guys" which was his final word in the sequel's post-credit scene. As fans know, Hank, Janet, and Hope were among the unfortunate half of the universe who were snuffed out of existence after Thanos' deadly snap. Trapped in the Quantum Realm not knowing what just happened, a rattled Scott desperately called for help after not getting any feedback from the Pyms as he was getting ready to return to his normal size. It remains to be seen how he'll come out of the alternate dimension but considering that Captain Marvel is also tipped to explore the Quantum Realm, popular theories suggest that Carol Danvers may be the key to save Scott from his situation. 

Sadly, it looks like it's also going to be a bit of a wait before fans learn any official information about the Phase 3 capper. Marvel Studios remains mum about the much-discussed title of Avengers 4, and according to company president Kevin Feige, they shouldn't expect it to be revealed until later in the year when marketing for the movie officially begins. Meanwhile, directors Joe and Anthony Russo and film's cast and crew are expected to be back on set for the scheduled reshoots that will last the entire summer.

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Source: NedLeeds1/Reddit

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