Google Says Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Is In Avengers 4 - Why It's Wrong

While Google thinks that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will appear in Marvel Studios' Avengers 4, here's why the search engine is almost certainly wrong. It seems inevitable that when Wolverine - and the rest of the X-Men - finally become part of the MCU, no actors will be retained from Fox's X-Men movie franchise. Marvel Studios will likely want to do their own casting for such important roles, but even if the company wanted to retain Jackman as Wolverine, the actor has made it known more than once that he has no intention of returning to the character after 2017's R-rated hit Logan.

Jackman's refusal to play Wolverine again continues to frustrate many fans, especially considering that once upon a time he said the X-Men joining the MCU would be enough to inspire his continued portrayal of the surly Canadian mutant. It also continues to frustrate Deadpool actor - and Jackman's good friend - Ryan Reynolds, who really, really wants to make a crossover movie in which Reynolds' Deadpool and Jackman's Wolverine join forces.

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With the purchase of Fox's movie and TV studio assets by Disney set to become finalized in early 2019, next year's already completed Dark Phoenix and New Mutants will likely serve as the end point for Fox's X-Men franchise continuity. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently said that only after the Disney/Fox purchase is complete will he regain access to Wolverine, yet it would appear that Google knows something he doesn't, as a search for "famous Hugh Jackman movies" lists Avengers: Endgame among the results. The odd result looks to have been first pointed out by Twitter user @BillzMusicUK. Naturally, this has led to much fan speculation on social media as to what it could possibly mean.

As fun as it can be to speculate though, it's important to be realistic. Even if Jackman appeared in Avengers 4, he likely wouldn't be playing Wolverine, as Feige himself said that they don't have control of the character yet. Plus, Avengers 4 has already completed filming, and no reports ever leaked out concerning possible Jackman involvement with the production. As good as Marvel Studios is when it comes to keeping secrets, it's hard to imagine Jackman being on Endgame's set wouldn't have been revealed by someone.

While it's unclear why Google seems to believe Jackman will be part of Avengers: Endgame, one assumes it could probably be chalked up to the search engine's algorithms being confused by all the hopeful fan theories out there involving the X-Men appearing in MCU's phase 3 capper. Jackman's presence in so many of Fox's Marvel-based movies may also have confused Google. Either way, there seems to be no logical reason whatsoever to think that Google could be right here. Sorry, Wolverine fans.

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Source: @BillzMusicUK/Twitter

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