Avengers 4 Fan Art Imagines Katherine Langford As Kate Bishop's Hawkeye

Kate Bishop Hawkeye Katherine Langford

New fan art for Avengers 4 imagines recently cast actress Katherine Langford as Kate Bishop's Hawkeye. After kicking off the beginning of the end with Avengers: Infinity War, which left off with Thanos wiping out half of all life, Avengers 4 will officially conclude the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far and launching a new era in Phase 4. As such, Avengers 4 is arguably Marvel Studios' most highly anticipated forthcoming movie, and one of three set to premiere in 2019. However, while the studio has already begun promoting Captain Marvel with a first trailer, very little is known about Avengers 4 - including the film's official title.

The lack of knowledge about what to expect from Avengers 4 no doubt comes from Marvel's notorious secrecy, holding back a great deal of information about their films to prevent spoilers. For instance, it wasn't revealed until Infinity War premiered who Peter Dinklage was playing. Recently, Avengers 4 cast Katherine Langford in an unknown role. And, since Avengers 4 reshoots have wrapped, she's already filmed her scenes. It may be another case of fans needing to wait for the movie itself to find out who she's playing, but some already have a theory about her character.

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Graphic artist ajdesigns0220 posted a new piece of Avengers 4 fan art on Instagram featuring Langford dressed as Kate Bishop's Hawkeye. After Langford's casting was announced, many fans theorized she might be playing the Hawkeye legacy character. Sporting the character's signature purple costume and equipped with the arrows typical of Marvel's sharpshooter, Langford makes a good Kate Bishop in the piece. Check out the art below.

Kate Bishop was created by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung in 2005, making her first appearance in Young Avengers #1, a team the character has been associated with a great deal since her debut. However, Kate is perhaps more well known from her appearance in Matt Fraction and David Aja's run of Hawkeye. In the series, Clint Barton is a more battle-weary, Brooklyn-bound Hawkeye who mentors the young Kate Bishop for a bit (before she heads out to L.A. for he own adventures). Kate even lead her own Hawkeye title starting in 2016, until it was cancelled with issue #16 in early 2018. Still, Kate Bishop remains a popular character and Marvel fans have campaigned for her to join the MCU along with other legacy characters.

Whether Langford is playing Kate Bishop remains to be seen - and fans may even need to wait until Avengers 4 hits theaters before finding out. The future of the MCU is relatively unknown aside from a handful of projects known to be in the works, like Black Widow and The Eternals. However, where the character of Kate Bishop could find her place in the MCU might be on Disney's streaming service, where Marvel Studios is planning a number of television spinoffs from the larger universe. Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is one MCU character fans have hoped would get a TV series for quite some time, so if it becomes a reality and Langford actually is playing Kate Bishop, hopefully she'll have a large role to play in it. Though, of course, she could also be utilized in a Young Avengers movie or TV show.

For now, since Marvel Studios is keeping everything Avengers 4 related tightly under wraps, fans will have to make due with speculation and fan art. But with the Avengers 4 trailer arriving before the end of 2018, fans won't have to wait too long for the first bit of marketing for Marvel Studios' monumental film.

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Source: ajdesigns0220

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