Avengers 4 Theory: Gamora Is Still The Key To Beating Thanos

Who's the key to victory in Avengers 4? Iron Man? Doctor Strange? We think the only person capable of beating Thanos is his favorite daughter, Gamora.

Gamora and Thanos in Avengers 4

Avengers: Infinity War killed a lot of characters, but one of the presumed casualties of Thanos' attempt to balance the universe may still be alive: Gamora. And far from just a respite, she may be the key to defeating the Mad Titan.

A lot of death had been promised for Infinity War, and it certainly delivered, with the movie ending on the wiping of half the Avengers (and universe) from reality. But that was the just the final ten minutes of an already blood-soaked film; in the very first scene, half of Asgard - including Loki and Heimdall - were murdered, and along the way civilians and recognizable faces alike fell.

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Now, it's a testament to the skill of the Russos as directors and Markus and McFeely as writers that these leave an impact despite the niggling sense that it will all be undone. All of the vanished heroes from the snap are set to return in Avengers 4, and when you've got a glove that contains all the power in the universe the logistics of how are baked into the story. However, where the storytelling skill really lies is that they may have tricked us all into thinking a character died when, in fact, something much weirder happened.

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Gamora's Death Is Infinity War's Most Shocking - And Weirdest

Putting aside the post-snap vanishing, the most unexpected death in Infinity War was Gamora's. To attain the Soul Stone, one must sacrifice their greatest love, which in Thanos' case was the daughter who'd led him there. Not just the early murder of a - based on the existence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - presumed-surviving hero, it marked a turning point for the villain as he began to give up "everything" to win out (and we learned to understand him on an empathetic level).

However, Gamora lying dead on the surface of Vormir, green blood leaking from her skull, isn't the last time we see her. When Thanos finally gets all six Infinity Stones and snaps his fingers, he's transported to a strange, dream-like world where he reunites with the child Gamora he first stole from her people. She asks Thanos what his victory cost, and after he responds he's pulled back to Wakanda and reality. It's a strange interlude, primarily intended to once again hammer home the toll the quest for balance has had on our villain, but it provides something more when you take Gamora into account.

Gamora Isn't Dead - She's Trapped In Soul World

Comic fans will recognize the orange-hued landscape as Soul World, the pocket dimension inside the Soul Stone where the souls of the wielders victims reside. The coloring and general calming nature of the world make that a pretty simple conclusion. And, if this is indeed the MCU's version of Soul World, the implication would be that Gamora isn't actually dead, rather she's been trapped in the Stone.

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This has some horrifying ramifications for Thanos. The sacrifice he made to get the Soul Stone wasn't as simple as killing his favorite daughter. Yes, he made the action believing that to what he was doing, so is entirely complicit, but the fate Gamora suffers is more involved. Her Soul is ripped from our reality into another dimension, where she exists in her purest form - the little girl who Thanos stole away. The Soul Stone is thus an eternal representation of what the wielder did to acquire it, with their greatest love forever in reach yet eternally trapped.

That's tragic as is, but when you consider that we're halfway through a two-part story, a very interesting picture emerges...

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