Chris Evans May Be Filming Flashback For Avengers 4

Chris Evans - Captain America The First Avenger

Chris Evans may be playing a bit of vintage Captain America in Avengers 4 based on the latest set photo. With seventeen movies under their belt, Marvel Studios is looking near the end of Phase 3. Their 2018 slate is moving along smoothly with Ant-Man & The Wasp recently wrapping, and this leaves Avengers 4 as the only Marvel Cinematic Universe film currently filming. Most have yet to even see official images or footage from its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War, but the constant updates from the set of Avengers 4 has kept fans buzzing.

One of the most talked about developments from the set was the indication of a flashback to the end of The Avengers. Thanks to the mystery surrounding the film, there is no telling which characters are still even alive in the fourth film or what reality the entire thing even takes place in. The latest update won't clear that up, but it looks like we're getting more of old-fashion Steve Rogers.

Related: Avengers 4 Flashback Shows Long-Haired Thor posted an update on the filming of Avengers 4 today by sharing a photo from the set. The photo isn't too revealing, other than the noticeably classic cars that are included. The photo in combination with their report that Chris Evans is involved with these scenes appear to indicate we will get to see more of Steve Rogers before he fought in World War II and became America's hero.

No other actors are listed to be involved with these scenes, but it could be a chance to see more of Steve and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) before they were vigilantes on the run, or even show more of Steve's relationship with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). As has been the case with the other reported flashback scenes, it is not yet clear why the film is going to go back to these times when the threat of Thanos should be at full force.

Without seeing anything from Infinity War and even the plot of that film being heavily guarded, it is difficult and possibly even futile trying to piece together what this update means when it comes to the larger picture. Whatever the case may be, journeying back to the 1940s has been a recurring thing for Captain America's story. In the previous cases, the flashbacks have been used to add insight into what is currently happening with Cap, and this one is hopefully doing the same. Unfortunately, it will likely be a while before this scene is given any more context.

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