Avengers 4 Will Be Filming in Tokyo

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A new report reveals that The Avengers 4 will be shooting some scenes in Tokyo, Japan. In case it wasn't already clear, the first footage from The Avengers: Infinity War has proved that the upcoming film will be the biggest title that Marvel Studios has ever released. Set to be the culmination of everything that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building towards ever since 2008's Iron Man, the film will feature one of the largest ensembles in cinema history, which includes nearly every main and notable character that's appeared in an MCU film up until this point. And considering the threat that Josh Brolin's Thanos poses to the Universe, the sheer size of that ensemble feels more than justified.

But next year's Infinity War will just be the first part in Marvel's overall Thanos vs MCU conflict, with another, currently, Untitled Fourth Avengers Film set to hit theaters almost exactly one year after Infinity War. Even if it might not have seemed possible at first too, it looks as though The Avengers 4 will only be further expanding the global scope of all the previous Avengers films leading up to it, with principal photography on the fourth Avengers film is set to begin shortly.

Following the surfacing of some initial rumors several weeks ago, the Atlanta Filming Twitter account - which monitors and offers updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the productions on almost every single Marvel Studios film - has confirmed recently that a portion of The Avengers 4 shoot will be taking place in Tokyo:

#AvengersInfinityWar is going to Tokyo.

— Atlanta Filming (@AtlantaFilming) July 27, 2017

While it doesn't officially confirm the validity of rumors, this does come after a leaked Avengers 4 casting call surfaced a few weeks back, which called for Japanese gangsters and cafe patrons to work as extras in the film. At the time, it was speculated that the casting call could hint at an appearance from the Yakuza in Avengers 4, though, no other evidence of the gang's role in the film has been released in the weeks since.

All of which is to say, that while it's still very possible the Yakuza could be appearing in Avengers 4 in some capacity, the news of Avengers 4 being partially shot in Tokyo should not be considered an official confirmation of the Yakuza's involvement in the film. After all, there's no telling, as of right now, what the context of the Tokyo scenes are or why the plot of Avengers 4 brings any of the film's characters to the city in the first place.

But with Avengers: Infinity War venturing out into several notable international locations as well, this does further confirm just how much larger the scale of these next two Avengers films are going to be, as both Thanos and the Avengers search throughout all of Earth and the cosmos to try and collect all of the coveted Infinity Stones before the other can.

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Source: Atlanta Filming

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