Avengers 4 Fan Poster Is A Victim of the Thanos Snap

The Avengers 4 poster itself is a victim of Thanos' snap in this cool fan-made design. Marvel Studios' secrecy on what is coming after Avengers: Infinity War continues to remain. Many fans are eager to see the marketing for Avengers 4 begin so that the highly anticipated first trailer will arrive. While Marvel could continue to play it close to the vest, the trailer will likely only arrive after necessary steps are taken. Marvel's usual formula has the trailer follow or be released in conjunction with the first poster.

However, Avengers 4 is in a unique scenario where Marvel's yet to reveal the title. Unless they somehow manage to hold the title to be revealed during the trailer itself, it is likely to come before. The first teaser posters for prior Avengers movies are just the standard Avengers "A" in a different color and with the title listed. If Marvel is looking to change the design up just a bit, a new fan design could be a great way to go.

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Reddit user emil-p-emil shared a concept poster for Avengers 4 that makes the poster itself a victim of Thanos' snap from the end of Infinity War. Just as half of the population was turned to dust, half of this Avengers 4 poster is also fading away. Click HERE to see the fan poster.

This is a pretty great idea for the teaser poster for Avengers 4, but who knows if Marvel would actually do this. If they did, as long as it stated the title in the middle, then most fans would be happy. Other fans have suggested if Marvel does borrow this concept for the teaser poster, that the dust should come from the left side of the poster so that the dissolved "A" can make up a 4. This could make for an even cooler design as it would be another reminder of Infinity War's ending and then highlight the fact this is the fourth entry in the franchise.

Unfortunately, for fans waiting to see any marketing materials from Avengers 4, there is currently no firm end in sight. Despite a report claiming the trailer was being formatted for IMAX, that process is not happening yet. The end of November appears to be the latest that the trailer will launch, so we could be anywhere from two to six weeks away from seeing it. Whenever it does come, the first poster will likely be released before. If Marvel hasn't settled on the design, then this Avengers 4 concept poster, maybe with the suggested improvements, could make for a great start to the marketing campaign.

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Source: emil-p-emil/Reddit

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