Avengers 4 Fan Art: What If Iron Man Wields the Infinity Gauntlet?

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New fan art for Marvel Studios' hotly anticipated sequel Avengers 4 features Iron Man wielding the Infinity Gauntlet that once belonged to Thanos. A month ago, Avengers: Infinity War hit pop culture with seismic force, and rocked the box office to the ground along the way. Despite it only being May, it's hard to see any other 2018 release even coming close to knocking off Infinity War from its perch as highest-grossing film of the year. At this point, the only thing even close to it in that regard is fellow Marvel Studios blockbuster Black Panther, which has long-since hit its box office ceiling.

Infinity War of course centered on the arrival of intergalactic conqueror Thanos - a.k.a. The Mad Titan - into the mix. Thanos was on a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, and use them to power the ultimate weapon: the Infinity Gauntlet. With the gauntlet's abilities, Thanos could do just about anything, down to reshaping reality as he saw fit. Using this tremendous power, The Mad Titan achieved his desired goal of wiping out half the universe's population with a snap of his fingers. Beloved characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Groot were turned into nothing more than dust in an instant.

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As a side effect of exerting such great power, it appeared that the Infinity Gauntlet became broken and unusable. Thanos obviously doesn't care about that, because his mission is accomplished, despite it costing him everything he held dear. However, for anyone looking to undo what Thanos did, the Infinity Gauntlet would seem like a vital tool for the job. In new fan art by Ultra Raw 26 for the still untitled Avengers 4, Iron Man looks to have gotten the Gauntlet working again, and looks ready to use it to put right what once went wrong.

Could the above fan art be a preview of what's to come in Avengers 4? It's definitely possible. The big hurdle to that image coming true is the fact that the gauntlet is busted. So, can it be repaired? Maybe. After all, Tony Stark is a technical wizard, Bruce Banner is a genius scientist, and Shuri (assuming she survived the snap) has ridiculously advanced tech of all kinds back in Wakanda. If anyone can repair the gauntlet, they can.

That said, perhaps Thanos' gauntlet can't be fixed. Perhaps once it was used to wield the power of all six stones at the same time, the weapon was exhausted forever. In that case, the Avengers would need to build a new one. If Tony Stark can build an Iron Man suit in a cave with a box of scraps, surely he can build a new gauntlet, especially with the help of Wakandan tech. If conventional means don't work though, Thor could conceivably step in, since he happens to know a dwarf who's very good at designing weapons.

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Source: Ultra Raw 26 (via Reddit)

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