Awesome Avengers 4 Fan Art Unites Iron Man & Captain Marvel

An Avengers 4 fan-created poster imagines what a team-up between Iron Man and Captain Marvel for next year's film would look like. As the MCU takes an eight-month hiatus in preparation for the debut of Brie Larson's superhero in next March's Captain Marvel, fans are busying themselves by continuously discussing theories and rumors for next year's Marvel ensemble flick. One artist, however, visualized one of the possible team-up in the still-untitled Avengers 4.

Not much is known with regard to the plot of Avengers 4, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo - as well as the cast and crew of the movie - are set to be back on set for mandatory reshoots and additional photography that's tipped to last the whole summer. With Marvel Studios remaining to be tightlipped about the movie, fans are keeping themselves busy as they wait for any official news.

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Coming from digital artist ultraraw26 on Instagram is a mock-up poster for Avengers 4 imagining what a team-up between Iron Man and Carol Danvers might look like. Considering the Q-Ship in the background, not to mention both heroes appear to be in outer space, it looks like the battle is set on Titan, Thanos' home-planet. Interestingly, however, the Mad Titan cannot be seen in the frame, nonetheless, the prospect of seeing the aforementioned heroes banding together to fight a common foe is exciting for fans. Check it out below:

Both Tony and Carol are tipped to be pivotal heroes in the Avengers' final bout against Mad Titan. Doctor Strange's "end game" plan made it clear that Tony couldn't die in Avengers: Infinity War, as he'll play a huge role in Avengers 4. While it's uncertain how he'll factor in the film's mysterious narrative, the fact that the existence of Thanos and the threat he brings has been nagging Tony since the first Avengers is an indication that Thanos' rise and (hopefully) fall is very much entwined with Stark's own narrative. As for Carol, considering fans still don't know much about her story, the mere fact that she's said to be the most powerful hero in the MCU is enough reason why she will be important in Avengers 4.

With a smaller team coming to Avengers 4, a team-up between Iron Man and Captain Marvel is not outside the realm of possibility. Unlike Infinity War, which mostly kept the heroes separated until the majority of them converged either in Wakanda or Titan, next year's Phase 3 capper has a significantly lesser number of heroes mainly consisting of the original six Avengers, a handful of supporting heroes plus Captain Marvel and Ant-Man. This way, the film can devote more time in developing the plot instead of making sure that every character has their own moment under the spotlight, which is what happened in Avengers 3.

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Source: ultraraw26/Instagram

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