Avengers 4 Fan Art Imagines Hawkeye Transforming Into Ronin

Hawkeye returns as Ronin - the character's brutal masterless samurai alter-ego in the comic books, in this brand new Avengers 4 fan-created artwork. With the future of the universe currently resting on the shoulders of the six original members of the Avengers, it's time for Clint Barton to finally join the battle against Mad Thanos in next year's still-untitled Marvel ensemble movie after being absent in Avengers: Infinity War. With Jeremy Renner himself hyping up his much-awaited return in the superhero world, fans are excited about Hawkeye's eventual re-emergence.

Sitting it out in Infinity War as he was dealing with the consequences of siding with Team Cap in Captain America: Civil War, Hawkeye was sorely missed by MCU fans as his fellow Avengers fought hard but sadly lost to Thanos. In fact, directors Joe and Anthony Russo even received death threats over his absence. While the public waits for his return in next year's still-untitled film, one fan is already fantasizing what his epic comeback might look like.

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Created by digital artist AJ Design, the illustration features Clint standing on top of wreckage, rocking his full Ronin costume. He also holds his glowing katana, but with his bow and arrow set clearly still with him in case he needs them. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that Hawkeye skipping Infinity War was "one of the best things that ever happened" to the character and if that leads to Clint finally getting the spotlight he deserves, then fans will undoubtedly not mind seeing him in one film. Check out the nifty image below, which was posted on the creator's official Twitter account:

While previously leaked set photos gave fans a glimpse of Hawkeye's new suit, Marvel Studios has yet to release an official look at the character. Even the reportedly legitimate promotional art that emerged online several weeks ago for Avengers 4 has yet to get a stamp of approval from Feige and his team. Considering this, it's best to wait for formal character portraits before fans get attached to this new Hawkeye look. Nonetheless, it's safe to say no one will get mad if this (or something similar) turns out to be Clint's new get-up, considering how cool it looks.

Whatever his new suit will be in Avengers 4, Hawkeye's fans can look forward to the film as it'll include the character's mini personal arc where he'll find himself fully assuming the persona of Ronin.  It's still unclear what sparked this story trajectory for him, but  Screen Rant has a pretty solid theory how and why he will end up in that situation. If anything, Renner has gone on record that he's nothing but thrilled for what lies ahead for Marvel character in the Phase 3 capper.

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Source: AJ Designs/Twitter

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