Josh Brolin Inspires Dave Bautista To Train Extra-Hard for Avengers 4

Dave Bautista as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For any fans who thought Dave Bautista couldn't get any more jacked as Drax, Josh Brolin has inspired the actor to take things to another level ahead of Avengers 4. While audiences still have until next year to see Avengers: Infinity War, the cast have already moved on to begin shooting the currently untitled fourth Avengers film. Due out in 2019, the movie will serve as the culmination of the entire MCU so far and will likely directly follow the events of Infinity War. It will also finally show Josh Brolin's Thanos in action, after years of the villain sitting back while others have done his dirty work.

While Brolin didn't play the first incarnation of Thanos seen during the credits of Avengers, he's since appeared as the rogue in both Guardians of the Galaxy and the end credits of Age of Ultron. But while motion capture will allow the actor to bring Thanos to life, things will be more practical for his role as Cable in Deadpool 2. The initial reveal of Brolin as the character showed just how much he'd transformed his body to play the character, and it seems like it inspired at least one other comic book actor.

THR spoke with Dave Bautista recently and the actor noted that Brolin's new body convinced him to up his game ahead of shooting Avengers 4 in the fall.

"I am known for being in shape and being a big guy, and he actually made me self-conscious! I swear to God, I promised him that in November, when I do some work on [Avengers] 4, I told him, 'I will be in better shape for that because you make me self-conscious, f***er!'"

Though many actors have already begun shooting Avengers 4, the shoots and scenes are likely staggered for convenience. As such, it looks like whatever work Bautista will do on the film is still a few months away. Luckily, that will give him plenty of time to get in shape and outshine Brolin. The playful competition may also help the two actors connect to their characters, who have a long history of conflict in the comics, which has been touched on in the MCU.

In the meantime, the start of production for Avengers 4 has meant we already have a few ideas of what will go down in the next film. Vision will appear but Nick Fury will not. Hawkeye will also be back, sporting a new haircut that may hint at a darker direction for the archer. Set photos have also confirmed the return of Black Widow, who looks to have a connection to the Yakuza.

Meanwhile, images from yesterday's shoot revealed Iron Man, Bruce Banner, and Pepper Potts will all be alive and together. The images also showed Tony in the same outfit he wears in Infinity War, lending credence to the idea that Avengers 4 will pick up after the climax of the third film in the franchise.

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Source: THR

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