Avengers 4 Prelude Comic Release Date May Signal Trailer Coming Soon

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The Avengers 4 trailer may be released very soon based on when the official prelude comic will be sold. Since the second Avengers: Infinity War ended, almost all fans can think about is what comes next. There's been no marketing to this point, but that could change in the near future.

While some may not even want to see a trailer for Avengers 4, Marvel Studios still needs to let the general public know that the follow-up to their $2 billion hit is coming next year. They've so far let speculation control the conversation around the movie with Marvel not yet confirming much of anything. We know Thanos and the surviving heroes will be involved, but the actual plot, roles of the dead heroes, and so much more remain a mystery. At this point, they haven't even revealed the actual title for Avengers 4. All of the secrecy has kept fans counting down as they wait for any sort of news that the marketing campaign for the movie will begin.

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Possibly the best sign of the trailer's imminent arrival has now surfaced. Marvel Comics released the first of two issues of the official Captain Marvel prelude comic this week and one of the ads revealed a major piece of information for Avengers 4. As shared on Twitter by @glorylorylory, one of the ads in the comic was for the first issue of the Avengers 4 prelude comic. The release date for the comic is surprisingly close, with readers able to buy it in stores or digitally on Dec. 5. Marvel typically releases these prelude comics only after a trailer has been released, which could signal the Avengers 4 trailer arriving before the comic is released.

If Marvel is going to launch the trailer before the prelude comic, then there is just over two and a half weeks left at the most before the Avengers 4 trailer is released. The most surprising part of this may be how closely the trailer and prelude comic arrive. For instance, the first trailer for Infinity War launched on Nov. 29, 2017 but the first issue of the film's prelude comic wasn't released until Jan. 24.

The brief description of the prelude comic may even point to its focus and some details that the trailer could bring. The description mentions the issue will allow readers to "find out how Tony Stark disappeared and what's happening in Wakanda." At the end of Infinity War, Stark appears to be stranded on Titan with Nebula, so his disappearance would be a major question back on Earth. The state of Wakanda could also explore the fallout of the snap there and show the beginnings of the team re-assembling. It is impossible to say what the trailer will actually hold, but a focus on the surviving heroes is likely.

Unless Marvel is going to diverge from their normal operating habits, a trailer drop for Avengers 4 does appear to be on the horizon. Disney has been busy pumping out new trailers for Dumbo and Toy Story 4 so they can be attached to Ralph Breaks the Internet next week, but also feels like them getting ahead of another major debut trailer. With previous rumors pointing to the end of November and now the prelude comic release date, evidence continues to point to Avengers 4's trailer arriving sooner than later.

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Source: @glorylorylory

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