Avengers 4 CineEurope Footage Reportedly Featured Hulk in New Armor

The Hulk is reportedly going to don a brand new armor in Avengers 4. The green raging monster was a no-show in Avengers: Infinity War, despite promo shots and trailers clearly featuring him during the final act battle in Wakanda. Instead, Bruce Banner was relegated to using the Hulkbuster to somehow help his friends battle the legion of Outriders. As the two's three-film arc that started in Thor: Ragnarok comes to a close in MCU's Phase 3 capper, the tease of a major breakthrough in their love/hate relationship is keeping fans of the character hyped up, despite there being no signs of a Hulk solo film happening in the near future.

If Hulk showed up during Infinity War, would it have changed the movie's outcome? Most likely not. As Doctor Strange said, "it was the only way" to ultimately defeat Thanos. Additionally, the Mad Titan easily put Hulk down during their first bout on the Asgardian refugee ship. That said, him not showing up and bailing out on his friends should be a major reason to make amends and redeem himself in Avengers 4, and it looks like that is exactly what he's going to do.

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The Avengers 4 presentation during European film exhibitors’ conference CineEurope in Barcelona, Spain may not have revealed people's first look at footage from or the title of the film, but it featured some of the heroes' new suits, apparently, including the Hulk's, as shared by Nikita Byrkin on Twitter. Unfortunately, no other details as to what the "new armor" looks like have been revealed, but it's a good indication that the green raging monster will finally come out to play in next year's movie. Check out his tweet below:

This notion of Hulk getting a makeover goes along with a previously leaked Avengers 4 image (supposedly an official concept art) where the big green bruiser is wearing a full new costume. Interestingly, it looks like his clothes stretched out when Bruce Banner made the transformation this time, instead of usually ripping apart at the seams (funnily, except for his pants). That said, the Hulk's ensemble in the image isn't exactly an "armor" type, if anything, his look during Sakaar's gladiator battle in Ragnarok better suits the description of an "armor." So it's still possible that the costume shown at CineEurope is different from what fans have already seen via the artwork.

Different batches of set photos have revealed Mark Ruffalo donning the CGI jumpsuit he usually wears to do motion capture for the Hulk, but since the whole look will be done during post-production, it's unknown what kind of get-up Bruce's alter-ego may be donning at that point in the film. It's also worth mentioning that since Avengers 4 will be revisiting the Battle of New York, it's possible that one of Hulk's appearances in the film will simply be a recreation of his look in 2012's The Avengers.

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Source: Nikita Byrkin

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