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13 Reasons Why breakout actress Katherine Langford joins the cast of Marvel's Avengers 4. It's been several months since Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers: Infinity War hit the big screen and delivered a substantial blow to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes as well as their newfound allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy. With the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) slated to appear once again in next year's Avengers 4, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been perusing through numerous theories, trying to figure out where each character belongs.

It's been reported and widely believed that the vast majority of every major or at least major supporting character from across every franchise in the MCU will be returning for Avengers 4 in 2019, which will also see Brie Larson's Captain Marvel join the fold after first appearing in her own solo movie a few months prior (which takes place in the 1990s). It was previously said that there is at least one scene in which dozens of MCU characters appear at one time. Determining who those characters are has been difficult - and now, audiences have another character to talk about.

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The Wrap reports that Katherine Langford, who played Hannah Baker in the first two seasons of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why TV series, has been cast in Avengers 4. Of course, her actual role is being kept under wraps, but the outlet reports that she's already filmed her scenes for the film, which makes sense given that the Russos announced Avengers 4 reshoots had wrapped filming not too long ago.

Langford's popularity skyrocketed after she appeared on 13 Reasons Why, and understandably so. And now, while she's moving on from that particular series, she's still staying in the Netflix family, for she's slated to appear in Netflix's upcoming King Arthur spinoff series, Cursed, which follows the story of the Lady of the Lake from famed comic book writer Frank Miller. But it seems that, in addition to taking another leading role on television, Langford will appear in one of the biggest blockbusters of 2019 (if not of all-time), though who she'll play remains unknown. Considering the lateness of this casting report, it's safe to presume that Langford's character was a last-minute addition. She most likely filmed her scenes during the Avengers 4 reshoots.

Marvel Comics is filled to the brim with thousands of characters, so Langford could be playing practically anyone. With that in mind, for now, it's better to focus on what Avengers 4 may actually be titled. The movie's official title should be revealed somewhat soon since Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has once again reiterated that the first Avengers 4 trailer should arrive before the end of the year. Hopefully, some light is shed on Langford's Avengers 4 character around that time as well.

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Source: The Wrap

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