Captain Marvel Trailer #2 Coming This Week, Avengers 4 Trailer Rumored

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FINAL UPDATE: The Captain Marvel trailer has released online. Watch it here!

UPDATE 2: Here's when we expect the Captain Marvel trailer to release.

UPDATE: Since this article's publication, John Campea and Daniel RPK have deleted their tweets, however, Disney has officially confirmed Captain Marvel's second trailer arrives during Monday Night Football, as rumored. The status of Avengers 4's trailer remains officially unconfirmed, but rumored for Wednesday. The remainder of the article below has been left as originally published. See Disney's new promo for Captain Marvel's trailer below.

The second trailer for Marvel Studios' latest MCU entry Captain Marvel is confirmed to arrive Monday, with Avengers 4's trailer rumored for Wednesday. Fans have been waiting impatiently for their first real taste of what Avengers 4 has in store since they first left theaters grieving the loss of Thanos' snap victims. In the meantime, Captain Marvel's first teaser trailer debuted in September, and received a round of applause from most, leaving fans eager to see more footage of Carol Danvers' solo origin story.

Marvel Studios has been infamously tight-lipped about everything to do with Avengers 4, even refusing to confirm the rather obvious fact that most - if not all - of the heroes dusted by Thanos will return, despite most of said characters being contracted for further films. Most frustrating to many is Marvel's refusal to even confirm what the title of the hotly anticipated team-up sequel is, with the non-reveal of the title having almost turned into a running joke at Marvel-related events.

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Well, it looks like the wait is finally nearing its end, as several industry pundits - including John Campea - are reporting that Captain Marvel's second trailer will arrive Monday night, during ESPN's Monday Night Football to be exact. Since Campea's tweet, Daniel RPK of Super Bro Movies replied with a confirmation of his own, and also said that Avengers 4's trailer will follow on Wednesday morning. Their tweets are below.

Despite the reports going around on social media, it's important for Marvel fans to remain cautious. Neither trailer's impending arrival has been confirmed by Disney or Marvel Studios, and it's advisable not to get too excited for the moment, just in case these latest reports prove to be inaccurate. While many of the people supporting the validity of these dates have track records of reliability, it's always better to not get one's hopes up too high, and risk the same crushing disappointment that resulted from prior reports that Avengers 4's trailer would finally appear soon.

If the above reports are accurate though, Disney is making a wise move by saving Avengers 4's trailer for after Captain Marvel's. With no disrespect whatsoever intended to the magnitude of Marvel Studios' first female-led solo MCU movie, anything coming after the fabled trailer for Avengers 4 would likely be seen as a disappointment. Plus, this way Disney has the opportunity to get the public more acquainted with Carol Danvers and her heroic alternate identity before Captain Marvel likely plays a role in whatever awaits within the Avengers 4 trailer.

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Key Release Dates
  • Captain Marvel (2019) release date: Mar 08, 2019
  • The Avengers 4 / Avengers: Endgame (2019) release date: Apr 26, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) release date: Jul 02, 2019
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