Avengers 4 Writers Promise Big Roles for Captain America & Black Widow

Avengers Infinity War Captain America Black Widow

After Thanos' pivotal Infinity Gauntlet-powered snap caused multiple Marvel heroes to fade from existence in an instant, almost all of those remaining were original members of The Avengers team. This obviously isn't an accident, as those six characters have been entertaining fans since the early days of the MCU, which sometimes seems like a lifetime ago, despite it only being a decade that has elapsed. To be fair, most franchises don't pump out nearly 20 films in 10 years.

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The writing duo revealed their big Avengers 4 plans for Cap and Widow during a recent chat with The New York Times. Stressing that they're "never writing without knowing where the end goes," Markus and McFeely say that despite Steve and Natasha not going along for the ride when it came to fighting Thanos on an intergalactic basis in Infinity War, they "have a much bigger role to play in that second film."

Captain America Vision and Black Widow in Avengers Infinity War

As with just about everything related to Avengers 4, what exactly these "bigger roles" will entail for Captain America and Black Widow remains anyone's guess. One assumes they might be tasked with retrieving Tony Stark, who ended Infinity War trapped on Thanos' home planet of Titan, after losing his battle with the conquering villain. Stark isn't quite alone - Nebula is also there - but he has no working spaceship available to return to Earth with, and no intact Iron Man suit to help him either. If Steve and Natasha somehow rescue Tony, expect a long and awkward conversation between the former allies.

On the other hand, with a recently released synopsis for Avengers 4 teasing that big sacrifices will have to be made in order to uphold the integrity of reality itself, one wonders if part of Cap or Widow's increased roles in the sequel will be making a heroic sacrifice in order to save everyone else. While most have been picking Tony as most likely to heroically die in Avengers 4, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Steve would be willing to take that bullet as well. Natasha is less likely to die, due to her upcoming solo movie. On the other hand, Marvel has yet to reveal when exactly said movie will be set in the MCU timeline.

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Source: The New York Times

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