We Hope This Avengers 4 Art Is Real

Possible Avengers 4 artwork has leaked online, assembling a new team to take on Thanos in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster film.

UPDATE: Read our breakdown of what the leaked art reveals about Avengers 4.

Possible art for Avengers 4 has leaked online, showing the survivors of Thanos's "snap" arrayed against a cosmic threat. It includes a number of key details that are particularly interesting, including the Hulk in an actual costume.

We're still a year away from the threatical release of the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4, but it surely won't be long before we begin to get details; marketing for a blockbuster typically begins about seven or eight months before release. Right now, little is known about the film, which the Russo brothers have suggested isn't actually based on a comic book arc at all. The movie's plot is largely a mystery, although set images have strongly suggested it will be a time-travel story, with the Avengers traveling back in time in an attempt to avert the cliffhanger ending of Infinity War.

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Hero X has published art (which was sent to Screen Rant) that it claims is associated with Avengers 4. If this is accurate, it's our first actual glimpse of anything related to the movie. The site isn't forthcoming about its sources, however, so it's difficult to establish whether or not it's accurate. If it is, though, it drops some fascinating hints as to the film's direction and character arcs.

The lineup shows the surviving Avengers, their numbers complemented by Captain Marvel, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, and Ant-Man. Curiously, Wasp is absent, but that actually fits rather well. According to Evangeline Lilly, Wasp "will appear in Avengers 4 [but] not very much." It's possible that Wasp will actually be one of the victims of Thanos's "snap," and that she'll only appear when the Avengers avert or undo Thanos's horrific act of genocide.

Several of the Avengers have been redesigned, again a sensible move given the importance Marvel places on merchandise. The most dramatic redesign is the Hulk, who's actually wearing a costume for the first time. The Hulk also seems rather more placid, perhaps hinting that the Banner and Hulk identities have begun to blend. Avengers 4 is confirmed to be the end of a three-part Hulk arc, one that seems to be bringing those two personas into conflict. Many viewers are expecting the ultimate outcome to be the "Professor Hulk" identity, which saw the Hulk and Banner merge. That would certainly fit with this costume design.

Hero X also published art showing Thanos, the Mad Titan himself, who's confirmed to return in Avengers 4.

Again, it's unclear whether or not this is a finished design or is simply concept art. It's certainly subtly different to the armor seen in Avengers: Infinity War. Interestingly, the Infinity Gauntlet appears to be undamaged, and Thanos doesn't actually have all the Infinity Stones in this image. That suggests there may be a degree of confusion with Hero X as regards this image, and it could actually be unused concept art associated with Infinity War.

It's difficult to assess whether or not these images are accurate. We certainly hope they are; the first image, of the assembled Avengers, drops some fascinating clues to the direction of Avengers 4. It shows Earth's surviving heroes charging into battle, presumably against Thanos himself, and promises some exciting developments for the Avengers.

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Source: Hero X

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