Watch: Avengers 4 Fan Animates Rumored Trailer Description

Following reported trailer descriptions for Avengers 4, one fan has animated the supposed footage. Marvel Studios has been extra secretive when it comes to next year's Phase 3 conclusion. There hasn't been a single piece of official promotional material released, and they haven't even confirmed the title. It's all led to a growing restlessness from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, as everyone is eager to see what the Russo brothers and company have created. As big of a focus as the official title has been, attention continues to turn to the inevitable first trailer.

Marvel's yet to give any firm indication as to when the footage will debut. Kevin Feige says the trailer will launch at some point this year, but no clear schedule has been revealed up to this point. This has led to several different rumors and possible leaks regarding the trailer, including some trailer descriptions. Although the first sounded too good to be true, the second description sounds better on paper.

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Without knowing how legitimate either of those "descriptions" are (and the likelihood of them being legit isn't high), one MCU fan has taken it upon themselves to animate these descriptions into a trailer. Spectrum Cinema combined elements from both of the descriptions and added in some new ideas of their own, creating an animated Avengers 4 trailer. This is probably far from being what Marvel's first trailer will look like, but it's still a cool and well done fan edit regardless.

This animated trailer is just the latest example of how highly anticipated the actual Avengers 4 trailer is. Fans have so little information to really go on, other then some new, white Avengers costumes for the heroes to wear. Those aren't included in this animated trailer, and it remains to be seen if they'll be revealed in Avengers 4's actual first trailer. While some could be getting impatient with Marvel, more signs continue to point to the wait nearing its end.

The latest rumors surrounding the Avengers 4 trailer point to a November launch. Marvel debuted the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War at the end of November last year, so they could be taking the same approach. Since the Russo brothers gave a countdown last year to what turned out to be the Infinity War trailer, they will hopefully do the same with Avengers 4 - or at least make some sort of announcement about its arrival beforehand. Whether the trailer drops on Good Morning America or Jimmy Kimmel Live, Marvel is sure to make an event out of the trailer launch. At this point, fans can only hope it'll be worth the wait.

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Source: Spectrum Cinema

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