Leaked Avengers 3 Funko Puts A Smile On Thanos' Face

A leaked photo of a special new Funko figure reveals Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War with a big smile on his face. Josh Brolin can be seen smirking as the supervillain in Avengers 3's main trailer, but he barely cracks a smile in that video. Here, he's full-on grinning, showing off what is a fully-formed Infinity Gauntlet - the weapon that incorporates all the Infinity Stones, which drives Infinity War's main plot.

Thanos has already begun popping up in toys and other merchandise ahead of the release of Infinity War. Fans have clamored to get glimpses at anything at all appearance-wise when it comes to the movie's big bad, and most of those looks have come in the form of various action figures. One new Hasbro figure shows Thanos in his full armor, a contrast from the bald, under-armored being you see in the Infinity War trailer. But a more detailed Marvel Legends figure does show Thanos as he appears in the trailer, including a massive-looking gauntlet. Now, there's a new Funko figure coming out for Thanos, and it looks like a special collectible.

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Reddit user "SwishySir" leaked a photo of the new figure on Wednesday. The 10-inch Funko Pop! vinyl bobble-head shows Thanos sporting what looks like a completed Infinity Gauntlet along with a huge grin. However, there's no angle showing the thumb of the gauntlet, which would presumably feature the Time Stone.

The figure will be a Target exclusive, as noted on the packaging in the photo. As for release dates, another Reddit post shows Friday, March 2 to be the day that 12 upcoming Funko Pop! figures from Infinity War will hit shelves. Funko often reveals new figures and collectibles well in advance of their actual release dates, but not in the case of Thanos or the others from Infinity War.

This particular incarnation of Thanos is, presumably, based on a moment later in Infinity War, if it's based on any appearance of the character in particular. It's dangerous to read into a simple Funko Pop! figure, but perhaps this indicates that Thanos will, indeed, collect all six Infinity Stones in Infinity War and not Avengers 4. Of course, Thanos does reference putting a smile on his own face in the trailer; Funko had to have made a very pleased-looking Thanos for a reason.

Thanos is already seen with the Space Stone and the Power Stone in the Infinity War trailer. Another Avengers 3 video shows that he's also obtained the Reality Stone and the Mind Stone, which he appears to take from Vision (Paul Bettany) in the trailer as well. It remains to be seen when he gets the Time Stone, and whether it's a part of this Funko figure. Of course, it's still a mystery as to where the pivotal Soul Stone is and how Thanos would get it. But either way, it's a cool collectible for fans of the character that will have them hunting at Target locations next weekend.

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