Arrow's Stephen Amell Jokes About Hawkeye-less Infinity War Poster

Arrow actor Stephen Amell sympathizes with Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye being left out of the latest Avengers: Infinity War poster. Disney has kicked their marketing campaign for the upcoming MCU installment into high-gear, with the release of the final Avengers 3 trailer and pre-sale tickets. Marvel Studios' most ambitious undertaking yet, the film will gather (almost) all superheroes existing in the franchise  - supposedly, including Clint Barton.

However, after two trailers, an ensemble poster, and a handful of licensed artwork, Hawkeye has yet to be revealed in any of the marketing for Infinity Warsave for an Avengers 3 toy bow and arrow set. Many fans hoped that Marvel would've given audiences at least some tease as to what Hawkeye has been up to since Captain America: Civil War, but unfortunately, the studio is adamant about keeping his whereabouts a secret, at least in terms of marketing materials. While that's okay for some, his omission from all of the film's promos is understandably frustrating for his fans - which apparently includes Amell.

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Following the release of the stunning group poster for Infinity War that left Hawkeye out, fans have taken it to Twitter to ask what's going on with the character. Amell caught wind of the commotion and chimed in the conversation, empathizing with his co-archer's predicament by tweeting: "It’s hard out here for an archer." People quickly responded to his post, with some agreeing about how Clint is so underrated, while others pointing out that Amell's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is lucky he has Diggle and Felicity. Check out the actor's tweet below:

Since Infinity War hits theaters in just a few weeks, chances are that Hawkeye's reveal is being saved for the film. After all, the only thing that's been revealed about Renner's character is that he's officially retired at the moment. But it's obvious that he's going to have to eventually pick up his bow once again and join the fight against the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin). Avengers 3 directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, have already confirmed that Hawkeye has something going on for himself in Infinity War and Renner seems to be okay with being left out in the promos. After all, Renner recently promised wondrous things for Hawkeye in the coming films. Plus, leaked set photos from last year hints at Clint assuming his Ronin persona from the comic books.

Based on everything that's been revealed and teased thus far, it's clear that at least a few characters will die in Avengers: Infinity War and its still-untitled sequel, Avengers 4. Given that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige indicated that some of those deaths might come from Phase 1 characters, it seems Haweye's tenure in the MCU may soon come to an end. Hawkeye has always been underutilized in the MCU, despite the fact that he's an original member of the Avengers, so hopefully he finds some redemption or is at least properly used in Avengers: Infinity War.

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