Peter Dinklage's Mystery Avengers Role May Be A Big Disappointment

Corvus Glaive

Why Corvus Glaive Is Disappointing

With so much speculation about who Dinklage could be playing, the idea that he would be showing up as a voice actor was never even considered - leaving many disappointed with the (potential) reveal that he won't be showing his real face. Should this turn out to be the case, it would seem to be a case of a lot of build-up for relatively little payoff, especially when fans have been assuming that we would get to see the man himself in action, and Corvus Glaive is being played by a mo-cap actor.

Dinklage is also not known as a voice actor, with only a handful of voice credits (The Angry Birds Movie and Ice Age: Continental Drift, plus a temporary stint as a levitating robot called Ghost in the video game Destiny) to his name. There's no doubt that he could make a brilliant Corvus, of course, but when he is known for the perfect raise of an eyebrow or twitch of a mouth, it feels like a waste to be unable to see his face in this universe. Finally, an appearance as Corvus means that Dinklage won't be spending much time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the minions of Thanos are unlikely to be sticking around after the Mad Titan himself is (presumably) vanquished by the end of the second film. In a franchise where characters can make movies for years to come, fans were hoping to see lots more of Dinklage, not simply a small part over two films.

However, there is a silver lining to the disappointment if Dinklage does turn out to be Corvus Glaive. For one thing, it means that the MCU is truly going to be fleshing out the members of the Black Order, and paying them the kind of attention that they deserve in the film. The hype around Dinklage's casting, and the decision to keep it under wraps, suggests that there is going to be something significant happening around the character, and it's nice to see that the Black Order won't simply be stock henchmen.

Is This The Whole Story?

While the fans speculating around Dinklage-as-Glaive seems fairly convinced, it is still unconfirmed by Marvel (and not likely to be at this late date, either), and it may not be the whole story. There are several things that make us believe that even if Dinklage is voicing Corvus, that's not all he's doing in Infinity War.

For one thing, Dinklage has some impressive billing on one of the official posters for Avengers: Infinity War, and is the only one who is named on the poster who has never appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before now. He's obviously not as high as the key members of the Avengers themselves, but he's billed above the Guardians of the Galaxy and Benedict Wong, which would seem to suggest that he has a fairly meaty role in the film.

There's also the matter of his hair. Last year, Dinklage was snapped leaving a hairdresser with hair freshly dyed red, the same color that both Pip the Troll and Eitri the Dwarf have. The change was presumably for his role in Infinity War (unless he just really felt like a change), and it makes no sense for the actor to dye his hair red for a voice-only part. Finally, the Russo brothers have previously commented that fans will 'recognize' Dinklage in Infinity War, which would seem to suggest that he will be physically seen, not just heard. Of course, it's still possible for fans to recognize the actor from his voice alone, but combined with the billing and the hair dye, signs are still pointing to a bigger role in the film.

It's possible that Dinklage could even be pulling double duty, voicing Corvus while also appearing as a separate character in the film. This would go a long way to explaining all the contradictory information that we have, and while it would be unusual, it's certainly not an impossible idea. Whoever Dinklage is playing, at least fans won't have to wait much longer to find out for sure!

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