The Last Infinity Stone Could Be The Avengers' "Biggest Threat"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is yet to introduce the Soul Stone - but it could wind up being the most devastating for the Avengers in Infinity War. Marvel's first decade has introduced fans to the Infinity Stones - ingots of concentrated power, granting their bearer the ability to manipulate time and space, to ravage worlds, or to alter the nature of reality itself. The Infinity Stones are perhaps the greatest power in the cosmos, predating the universe itself. But, crucially, one last Infinity Stone has yet to be seen. The Soul Stone remains a mystery.

Fans were convinced the last Infinity Stone would appear in Black Panther, but - as though to defy their expectations - it didn't. It's true that it could still be situated in ancient Wakanda, perhaps hidden in the Hall of Kings, influencing the growth of the Heart-Shaped Herb. But that's only a theory; so far, Marvel hasn't dropped more than a hint to the MCU's version of the Soul Stone. Until, that is, the Avengers: Infinity War Prelude comic. The second issue has given the first canon reference to the Soul Stone's power.

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Wong Thinks The Soul Stone Is "The Biggest Threat"

The Infinity War Prelude sees Wong brief Doctor Strange on the Infinity Stones. Kamar-Taj's librarian, Wong is well versed on the history of Marvel's most powerful artifacts. Even to him, though, the Soul Stone is a mystery: "Little is known about the sixth and final Stone, the Soul Stone," he tells Doctor Strange. "But if what is known turns out to be true, it could prove to be the biggest threat of them all."

According to Wong, the Soul Stone's power exceeds that of the other Infinity Stones. That's a pretty staggering claim to make: the Space Stone was used by Odin to restore the Bifrost Bridge; in ancient times, the Power Stone was wielded by Celestials to judge entire worlds; and the Reality Stone could have literally removed all light from our reality. Somehow, though, Wong considers the Soul Stone's threat to be even greater than all these powerful ingots.

The Soul Stone's Power In The Comics

In the comics, the Soul Stone is easily the most intriguing of the Infinity Stones. It is actually sentient, and burns with the desire to collect souls. The souls it captures find themselves trapped in the so-called "Soul World", a pocket reality contained within the Soul Stone itself. This is the main reason some fans suggest the Soul Stone is still in Wakanda; they argue that Black Panther's "Ancestral Plane" is actually the Soul World.

To give a sense of the Soul Stone's power, Thanos was able to use it to effortlessly defeat both the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer. He simply trapped them within the Soul World, which they barely escaped from. Recent comics have actually revealed that a fragment of the soul will forever remain trapped within the Stone.

It's uncertain how the MCU will adapt the Soul Stone. In the comics, the Soul Stone was Thanos's most coveted prize, and in the movies, it seems to be the most powerful - and dangerous - of all the Infinity Stones. Marvel has held it back for Infinity War, and they're sure to unveil it in spectacular fashion.

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