Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Teases Vision's Survival

Captain America Vision and Black Widow in Avengers Infinity War

The Super Bowl TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War provided a fresh look at the scale of the MCU's epic culmination, but perhaps it's most shocking reveal regards the seeming survival of Vision. Ever since he was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's felt like Vision's days are numbered; he's powered by the Mind Stone, which is one of the six Infinity Stone Thanos will be looking to steal in the team-up.

That was teased properly in the Infinity War trailer, with Corvus Glaive - one of the Children of Thanos - seen trying to pry the ingot from his forehead. While it would be unexpected to reveal the death of a major character in the first teaser, it definitely put an even bigger question mark over the fate of Paul Bettany's android. One that has now, however, been lessened.

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In the Super Bowl TV spot, one shot shows Captain America and Black Widow walking down a corridor flanked by a limping Vision and Scarlet Witch. Based on what we know of the Infinity War timeline, this has to be after the Edinburgh assault by Glaive in the previous trailer; saving Vision and Scarlet Witch is what brings Steve and Natasha out of hiding, so they're not going to be with them before (Cap is also not wearing his new, Wakandan shield). This would imply that Vision is injured by the attack but survives.

It's hard to tell if he has the Stone in his forehead still or not, but there's enough of a glint to suggest it is there. Either way, this crucially indicates he lives beyond the film's first act.

If it is gone then we're in for something truly shocking; the removal of the Mind Stone may not actually kill Vision. This was alluded to in Captain America: Civil War, when he pointed out the power and its relation to him is still unclear, but it's another thing entirely for it to actually be removed. How is a big question, and the answer would presumably be Scarlet Witch - she was seen interacting with the Stone of a human Vision earlier in the spot.

If he does still have the Mind Stone, however, the shot reveals more than just Vision's survival. The location is rather generic and thus hard to pin down, but the pristine whiteness would suggest this is a Wakandan lab. This would line up with the LEGO set leaks suggesting that Vision's rescue is aided by Black Panther, but also goes on to suggest that the reason why T'Challa's country will become such a key battleground in the battle against Thanos; the Mad Titan is laying siege to Wakanda to get the Mind Stone. This gives a clearer plot throughline to our perception of Infinity War, yet raises questions about the still-hidden Soul Stone. This was presumed to be contained in Wakanda, but if the Mind Stone is here also that may not be the case. Whatever the situation is, this will surely become clearer next week when Black Panther releases.

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