The Many Unanswered Questions in Avengers: Infinity War

How does Bruce Banner get the Hulkbuster armor?

Bruce Banner not being able to transform into the Hulk certainly didn't help the Avengers' cause, but it's good that they thought ahead and decided to bring the Hulkbuster armor along - but how did Banner get his hands on that in the first place? It's possible could've found the Hulkbuster armor while at the Avengers facility in New York, where Peter Parker's Iron Spider suit came from, but that's not explained nor is it shown on screen.

What's particularly bothersome about this is that there's a scene from the first Infinity War trailer in which Bruce is clearly seen tinkering with the Hulkbuster armor in Wakanda. In the finished product, however, he just shows up with it in the final battle. Of course, his actual debut in the suit was quite hilarious, but just appearing out of nowhere with it doesn't really explain much.

How does Thor's new weapon summon a Bifrost?


Granted, it's a cool scene, and we know it can do it - but how? It's possible that Stormbreaker has been imbued with the Odinforce, but that's something that would at least need to be mentioned once in the movie, aside from Eitri saying that it could potentially summon the Bifrost, in theory. Otherwise, audiences will need to consult the comics (or any supplemental material) for answers, and since the movies aren't entirely comic accurate, whatever they find may not be entirely accurate.

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When something like that has become a point of contention for several years, it's worth explaining or at least showing how Thor can open a portal with Stormbreaker. And just like what happened with Hulk and the Hulkbuster armor, a scene that shows Thor using his lightning to open a portal was revealed in the trailers but removed from the movie's final cut. It's great that Thor and his newfound friends were able to make a surprise entrance on Wakanda, but it's unclear how they were able to get there in the first place.

How does Thor's new eye just work?

It didn't take long for Thor to get a new eye in Avengers: Infinity War. But, while it's curious as to where exactly that eye came from, what's even more interesting is how easy it was to get it to work. Sure, it's great that the visual effects team went into great detail on Thor's new eye, making sure that it looks different than his actual eye, but they didn't go into detail about exactly HOW it just... works.

It was an important character moment for Thor to lose his eye in Thor: Ragnarok just like how he lost Mjolnir, but he had to go to great lengths to get another all-powerful weapon, whereas his eye was just handed to him by Rocket. And what's more, Thor popped in that eye like it was a glass eye and it worked perfectly fine.

How do Spider-Man's extra Iron Spider arms work?

Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Spider Suit

Spider-Man got a new suit in Avengers: Infinity War, but it's still unclear how they work. And the thing is, it doesn't seem like Peter Parker knows how his suit works either. It just... does. The Iron Spider suit was teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming and then it finally made its official debut in Infinity War, which comes with a slew of new abilities to augment Spidey's fighting style. Plus, it has even more features to make sure he stays alive.

One of those new features are the four spider arms. The first time they're deployed is when Peter saves Doctor Strange from being shot out into space. They are automatically deployed when Spidey can grab onto something himself. Then, they are used again when the team is fighting Thanos on Titan. In that scene, the arms protect Peter from falling to the ground. While we know what the arms are from reading the comics, we don't know how they work. Do they connect to Peter's neural pathways?

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