Infinity War Trailer Will Arrive When Footage is 'Exactly Right'

Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo says the teaser for the Marvel film will be released when footage is already perfect.

Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo provided a clue as to when the rest of the world will finally have its first look at the epic film, saying it will come out when they've finally created something that is worthy of a first trailer for the juggernaut movie. The blockbuster will bring almost all the heroes in the MCU together for one massive blockbuster as they all go head-to-head with Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his Black Order causing so much enthusiasm from the fans.

A sizzle reel for Infinity War was revealed at last week's D23 Expo and was once again screened at Marvel Studios' Hall H panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, the clip - which received rave responses from viewers - was not released online for everyone to see. This has caused frustration from other fans who are also very eager to see anything from the much-anticipated movie, prompting them to settle on grainy leaked video of the footage floating around the internet. That said, Joe Russo, who helms Avengers 3 and the still untitled Avengers 4 with his brother Anthony, maintains that they will not be rushed into releasing a trailer online, promising that they are hard at work to craft something special and perfect for the whole world to see.

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In an interview with, Joe explained that the first trailer for Infinity War should not be for only diehard fans, but for the casual movie-going audience as well, which is why it's taking a little bit of time to release it:

“You know, all I can say is that when the footage comes out we want it to be exactly right. So we are taking our time and working on that footage because, as you can imagine, the levels of visual effects in these movies are unprecedented and there are certain things in this footage at Comic-Con that works specifically for a Comic-Con audience. But when we go wide, to a wide audience, we have to make sure that footage works for a wide audience."

With that in mind, he also asked everyone to be patient with them as they try to come up with a teaser for the film that will cater to everyone:

"So we’re hard at work on that right now. I’m not going to give a timeline on it because I want to surprise people but, you know, hopefully, they’re patient with us.”

Timeline-wise,  it's important to note that Infinity War is little less than a year away. Releasing a trailer now could still be deemed too early for a property that already has a massive following to begin with. Marvel Studios hustling to create something for D23 and Comic-Con is mainly because it was their last chance to promote the film in the aforementioned cons before it rolls out next May. Further, the rigorous process of post-production is still on the horizon.

Before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters, two other high-profile properties in Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther will be coming out in November and February, respectively. Naturally, Marvel Studios will want to focus on those standalone movies first before going all out for Avengers 3. It is also possible that there are some things that happen in the ensemble blockbuster that could be spoilers for the two lead up films - case in point: Thor's first encounter with the Guardians of the Galaxy is actually set-up in Ragnarok.

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