Does Thor Get Mjolnir Back in Avengers: Infinity War?

Thor and Mjolnir in Vanity Fair's Avengers Infinity War Shoot

Marvel fans are just getting over the loss of Mjolnir, Thor's magic hammer, but could it be returning next year in Avengers: Infinity War? In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela crushed Mjolnir with little more than a gentle squeeze, signifying both the new villain's strength and the start of Thor's journey into embracing his inner power; sad though it may have been to see the hammer go, its destruction was necessary. However, new evidence suggests it's not lost forever and may, in fact, show up in the epic team-up Infinity War.

In the recent Vanity Fair photoshoot, Thor is shown wielding Mjolnir as though it were good as new. Could this be a simple reused prop? Perhaps, especially as Odinson has both his eyes (he lost one in the finale of Ragnarok), although as he is sporting an otherwise new costume that makes the hammer really stand out.

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It has been widely expected that Thor would gain a new weapon in the film, first teased in the concept art released at the start of production, but even with that the prospect of Mjolnir coming back has been strong. It featured in set photos from the film's Durham Cathedral set, speculated to be a location pertaining to the Asgardian portion of the MCU, and this latest glimpse feels only more pointed given how audiences are just reeling from its destruction.

Mjølnir Thor

Details regarding the plot of the third and fourth Avengers movies are sparse, although Mjolnir's absence and potential replacement has been at the core of speculation, specifically in regards to Peter Dinklage's as-of-yet unrevealed character. Thor trusty Mjolnir was no ordinary tool, but a weapon forged from a dying star. So, assuming Thor is yearning for a copy, chances are he'd want to find the blacksmith who forged the original and commission him to make another. If he does so, then it's been speculated that Dinklage may very well be playing the role of either Eitri, Brok, or Buri - Mjølnir's creators - or an amalgam of all three. Popular theorizing has typically suggested he makes a newer, Ultimate version (indeed, Thor's costume in the photoshoot is closer to that alt-version of the God of Thunder), but perhaps he gifts something more nostalgic.

All that said, there is an alternative suggestion that would make its appearance in the VF coverage neither deceptive marketing nor the promise of a return; it could be part of a flashback to the first Avengers movie. Avengers 4 set photos have shown the core cast all decked out as they did in the 2012 release - Thor has long hair and Tony Stark is wearing the same Black Sabbath t-shirt - which would obviously require Mjolnir's inclusion. Of course, that's a mystery by itself, one we won't get fully resolved until May next year when Avengers: Infinity War finally arrives.

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