Avengers: Sebastian Stan is Now Filming His Infinity War Scenes

Sebastian Stan played a major role in kicking off Phase 3 and he's just begun work on the conclusion, Avengers: Infinity War. Stan has gone through a series of transformations since he made his debut as Bucky Barnes back in Captain America: The First Avenger. Hydra kept him alive in secret and turned him into the deadly assassin known as The Winter Soldier, and he's factored prominently into Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. He's gone from loyal friend, to villain, and now is working to rid himself of any Hydra programming.

This decision has put him in a sleeping chamber in Wakanda, unbeknownst to many, but it has been no secret that he'll awake sooner rather than later. His possible appearance in Black Panther has continued to be a point of speculation, but fans no longer have to wonder if he'll be featured in Infinity War.

Stan took to his Instagram to tease he has reported to the set of the next Avengers film. The caption simply sees Stan hashtag WS - standing for Winter Soldier - and if there was any doubt this is for his latest Marvel appearance, the rest of the photo clears that up. The back of a green screen appears to be featured on the left, but more notably, Stan is joined by James Young and Greg Rementer. Both Young and Rementer have served as Stan's stunt double in Civil War and appear to be doing so again.


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The sheer fact that Stan is involved in Infinity War is not a surprise as he was previously confirmed to appear last August. That said, as the revolving cast members continue to report to set, it is great to finally know that Bucky is included in the next portion of filming. What exactly he is involved in is unclear at this point with the plot being heavily kept under wraps, even with a new synopsis. The timing of his arrival also does not do much to help pinpoint how big or small of a role Bucky will have, but it seems like a guarantee he'll be right by Cap's side throughout it all.

Bucky's future within the MCU has continued to be a point of discussion since The Winter Solder as Stan's nine picture deal theoretically points to him one day possibly taking up the mantle of Captain America. There is no definitive proof that this will happen by the end of Phase 3, but would mean a costly end for his best friend. Chris Evans continues to be one of the biggest stars in the MCU and has shown a willingness to renew his contract should Marvel be interested. If this does happen, it would only further delay, or completely dismantle, the possibility of Bucky carrying the shield.

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