Though it’s over a year away, the massive spectacle that will be Avengers: Infinity War has already begun production. Part of that is due to the fact that it’s shooting back-to-back with the as-yet untitled Avengers 4. There’s also the sprawling nature of the film and its dozens of cast members. The Guardians of the Galaxy play a key role here, as does Spider-Man, following his Homecoming appearance this summer. Even newer MCU characters like Doctor Strange and Valkyrie will be on hand for the battle against Thanos, who himself will be bringing a few friends to the party.

All this preparation for the film means set photos have continued to emerge, showing the stars of Infinity War getting to work around the world. Naturally, Infinity War is filming in New York and it has been known for a couple of weeks that Scotland also figures into the movie’s storyline. Paul Bettany and Scarlet Johansson have been on the film’s Scotland set for awhile now, teasing a team-up between Black Widow and Vision versus a CGI foe. It looks like they’ll also be getting some help from Scarlet Witch, following their airport battle in last summer’s Captain America: Civil War.

MCU Exchange has uncovered a set photo showing Elizabeth Olsen in Scotland, preparing to shoot along with her Infinity War costars. Given the budding romance between her and Vision during Civil War, it should be interesting to see them join forces. It will also be a blast to see Witch and Widow team up, as the last time they were together they didn’t quite get along. (You can check out the set photo of Olsen HERE.)

hawkeye scarlet witch renner olsen Avengers: Infinity War Scotland Shoot Includes Elizabeth Olsen

Meanwhile, Widow won’t be the only non-powered Avenger on hand in Scotland. Jeremy Renner tweeted out yesterday that he was on his way to the set, so it looks like something big will be going down in Scotland with so many key Avengers there. Hawkeye’s big brother relationship with Witch will likely feature more here, and he’s obviously got plenty of history with Widow. It will also be fun to see him and Vision together, considering all the blows they traded in their last go-round.

With each day that passes, we’re likely to learn more and more about the locations of the film and which characters will definitely be returning. While the stars of each MCU franchise are surefire inclusions, there’s also a number of non-Avengers from the MCU and Marvel comics books that fans would love to see pop up in the upcoming battle. Though Marvel Studios will do their best to keep things a secret, set photos and videos will likely continue pouring in over the rest of the year.

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Source: MCU Exchange

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