Avengers 3: Rocket Raccoon Stand-In Spotted on Durham Cathedral Set

New set photos from the Durham Cathedral in England show Rocket Raccoon's stand-in on the set of Avengers: Infinity War.

Rocket Raccoon is back in his namesake's homeland, thanks to some new Avengers: Infinity War set photos. We're now one year away from the third Avengers film, and filming is in full swing. While it's no longer shooting concurrently with the still-untitled Avengers 4, the epic team-up film has been under production for months in an attempt to pull together the entirety of the MCU so far. While Infinity War will have a cosmic scope, most of the filming underway so far has taken place in real-world locations in the U.K.

Thanks to set photos and videos, we've known for awhile that characters like Scarlet Witch and the Vision will be on hand in Scotland. We also recently learned that Captain America and Falcon will be in the mix as well, back in action following the events of Civil War. Meanwhile, yesterday brought word that following Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder and his co-worker Hulk will be back on Earth to help out their fellow Avengers in Scotland. Now, we've learned that the Guardians will be helping out on Earth too.

Thanks to a fan on Twitter, we have a shot from the Durham Cathedral featuring a stand-in for Rocket Raccoon. Another shot from a separate person on Twitter offers an even better look at the furry little guy. Check them both out below:

Rocket Raccoon scale model spotted on the Durham Cathedral set of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!@komrikmania @ScreenSaversID @CenayangFilm

— Andrew Liefield (@endruu) May 4, 2017


A better look at the life-size Rocket Raccoon model in Durham Cathedral on the set of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. #InfinityWar

— MCU News & Tweets (@MCU_Tweets) May 4, 2017


Looking like something out of a Wes Anderson movie, the figure is likely serving as a placeholder until Sean Gunn shows up to do the on-set work like he does in the Guardians movies. As for the setting, we reently learned Infinity War would be shooting at the famous Durham Cathedral, best known for its part in the Harry Potter films. While in England rather than Scotland, it could easily be subbing in for a location where the rest of the Avengers are battling. Even if Rocket's separated from the other Avengers by an island, the setting at least honors the country of origin for the song "Rocky Raccoon", which gave the character his name.

Rocket won't be the only cosmic hero helping out on Earth either. Tessa Thompson is also shooting Infinity War scenes in Scotland, meaning her MCU character Valkyrie will likely be making the journey with Thor and Hulk following her introduction later this year, in Ragnarok. Rocket's fellow Guardian Nebula has also been filming for some time now in her native Scotland, so we'll probably get word soon of the even more MCU superheroes making their way to the UK.

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Source: Twitter [2]

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