Robert Downey Jr. Announces the 'Best Marvel Set Visit Ever'

Fans can not only win a set visit to Avengers: Infinity War with Robert Downey, Jr. but the actor promises it'll be the best one ever. Even if Infinity War is a colossal failure—a seemingly impossible task to be sure—it has already etched out its place in film history. Just as the first Avengers pioneered the concept of the shared universe and brought together the stars and characters from various huge blockbusters, the third film in the franchise will be pulling together the threads of 18 films into one mega-movie.

Never before has a film been made that will feature so many established characters and cull together so many hours of existing story. What's more, but it may provide cinema with the biggest ensemble ever seen on the big screen. Given all the work that has to go into a film of this scope, it's no surprise that the movie has been in production for months already, with a year to go still before its release. And while set reports and photos have teased returning stars and resurrected friends, they're no substitute for being there in person for the biggest spectacle film of all time. Luckily, fans now have that opportunity.

Omaze has partnered with Robert Downey, Jr. to allow fans a chance to visit the set of Avengers: Infinity War and hang out with the star. The announcement comes with a wild and wacky video featuring RDJ teasing all of the possible fun things that could happen when you join him on set. While you'll likely encounter the other stars of the film, some may even ride you around or shoot you out of an air cannon, if the promo is to be believed.

While the video doesn't reveal anything about the film, it continues the trend of Marvel and RDJ catering to the fans. It also goes fairly blue for a charity promo for a Disney film, with Downey alluding to his drug problems from the past and making a pun about a circle jerk. Even the logo of Random Acts Funding alludes to the British Royal Air Force and their bombing raids. Still, the whole thing paints an exciting picture that will surely entice fans of the film and franchise.

Meanwhile, promotion for the film is slowly beginning. While we'll likely have to wait for D23 and Comic-Con in July for a teaser, an updated synopsis popped up earlier today. In the meantime, fans are still eagerly awaiting a full cast list. While we know most of the Avengers and Guardians will be back, there's still a number of smaller characters and new faces we're hoping to see. Hopefully, more concrete news about Avengers: Infinity War will arrive soon.

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Source: Omaze

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