This is How The Guardians of the Galaxy Meet The Avengers

Marvel has finally revealed just how The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy will meet in next year's Avengers: Infinity War. And to call Infinity War one of the most ambitious films in the history of cinema, would be an understatement. After spending time creating and establishing the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past 9 years, Marvel Studios is finally going to be bringing together all of their respective franchises and characters together on the big screen, most of whom may be crossing paths for the first time. But perhaps there's no meeting that fans are more looking forward to than the eventual team-up between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With very little having been released or made officially known about Avengers: Infinity War up until this point as well, fans have gone into this year's D23 Expo hoping for some new details or announcements from Infinity War to be made during Marvel's highly-anticipated film presentation. And fortunately, Marvel Studios didn't waste much time after taking to the stage to give fans exactly what they were asking for.

Indeed, Marvel Studios showed D23 attendees the first official teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War today, and while the footage has yet to be released publicly, details from the footage have already surfaced online. In addition to featuring several noteworthy moments - including a shot of Tom Holland's Spider-Man wearing his Iron Spidey suit - the trailer also finally revealed how the Guardians and Avengers will meet in the film. It isn't nearly as complicated as some fans may think either, with the trailer opening as the Guardians flying through space together like nothing is out of the ordinary... until none other than Thor (Chris Hemsworth) comes crashing into their windshield.

Avengers Infinity War Rocket Raccoon Thor Concept Art

While not much else was shown from the meeting between the Guardians and The Avengers, this is an efficient and tonally consistent way for the two teams to initially cross paths in the film. Not only does it cut through a lot of possible exposition and set up - which some fans thought may have been necessary in order to get the Avengers into space - it also undercuts the whole moment with a laugh, something that both the Guardians and Avengers films are well-known for doing, even in their most dramatic moments.

What will be truly interesting to see, however, is how the psychologies of both the teams have changed by the time they meet. After all, the Guardians will still be recovering from the events of Vol. 2, while the Avengers will still be in the process of coming back together again after they initially split up in Captain America: Civil War. And how well the two teams get along with each other and initially hit it off, may prove to be just as entertaining and fascinating to watch as the film's many guaranteed action moments will be.

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