Avengers: Infinity War May Be Done With Filming

The Russos brothers have hinted that Avengers: Infinity War has wrapped filming, giving them a small break before Avengers 4 begins.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have indicated that Avengers: Infinity War has wrapped filming. The Russos made the jump to blockbuster films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and instantly cemented their place in the MCU moving forward. They followed it up wonderfully with Captain America: Civil War, and their ability to balance several heroes at once made it clear why they had been chosen to direct the next two Avengers films.

They've since been engrossed in the MCU world and have been hard at work filming Infinity War since the start of the year. Almost every MCU star has reported to set throughout the process, with filming itself having multiple locations. Even though they still have another entire Avengers film to shoot, they appear to have one down now.

The official Instagram account for the Russo brothers shared a photo today of an alleyway on a production lot that is surely Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. No spoilers or Easter eggs will be seen here however, with just two trailers being shown. Joe Russo is shown lying on the ground from exhaustion, while Anthony is still left standing and looking back at the lot. The caption is probably more than just signifying that one director is down, but instead that Infinity War has wrapped filming as the July 14th wrap date has been previously reported by Omega Underground.

One down.

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While fans are anxiously awaiting the first bit of footage to be released for Infinity War or to simply find out any new bits of information, for now they should be appreciating the effort put in by the Russos, the cast, and their crew. Infinity War is a production of such unique circumstances and possibly unparalleled anticipation. As this is just the beginning of the end of Phase 3 and the MCU as we know it, just knowing that the Russos were able to complete the production is great news.

Plus, the film wrapping today is perfect timing for what is scheduled to be a busy time for Marvel Studios. They're scheduled to debut a ton of new pictures, footage, and information over the next week with D23 taking place now and their SDCC 90-minute panel happening next Saturday. Fans shouldn't be expecting the first trailer to debut already, but with principal photography now complete, seeing some amount of footage could be possible. But, even if that doesn't happen, this moves Infinity War into the next chapter of production and brings us one step closer to its release.

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Sources: Instagram, Omega Underground

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