Avengers 3 & Ragnarok Made A New Infinity Gauntlet Plot Hole

How Avengers: Infinity War Created A New Infinity Gauntlet Plot Hole

Avengers: Infinity War rewrites the history of the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos traveled to Nidavellir, legendary forge of some of the greatest weapons in creation. There, he had forced Eitri to construct a device that could contain the power of all six Infinity Stones. Only the Dwarves of Nidavellir could create such a tool, he believed, and with it he could finally fulfill his insane goal of "rebalancing the universe." From Eitri's rant to Thor, this has presumably happened recently, likely due to the chaotic rule of Loki. Regardless, the recent death of Nidavellir's neutron star means the actual Infinity Gauntlet had only existed for a short while. In fact, the post-credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron may actually show the moment Thanos wears the Infinity Gauntlet for the first time.

Making matters worse, the film opened with a pronouncement from Ebony Maw; in the history of the universe, Maw declared, nobody had ever wielded two Infinity Stones at once - let alone six. That meant the power of the Infinity Stones had literally never been combined before and thus, as far as Maw knew, there'd never been an Infinity Gauntlet before either.

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So what was Odin's fake Infinity Gauntlet actually based on in the first place? The fact Odin had a counterfeit made strongly suggests there was once a real thing. Ironically, Thor: Ragnarok's "fix" now becomes a continuity problem in its own right, raising awkward and difficult questions about the plot of Infinity War. How can both films be true?

How To Fix This Continuity Problem

Ebony Maw in Avengers Infinity War

There's only one way to resolve this issue; Ebony Maw has to be wrong. Sometime in the history of the universe, someone combined the power of the Infinity Stones in the form of the Infinity Gauntlet. Like Thanos', their Gauntlet was destroyed, consumed by the power they had wielded. Knowing of the Infinity Gauntlet, Odin had a fake made, to act as though he possessed it - perhaps even, in part, to make others look to his vault rather than make a replacement. Ebony Maw is simply unaware of this - and, given how close he seems to Thanos, even the Mad Titan may not know this.

But the Dwarves of Nidavellir do. Perhaps they forged the original Infinity Gauntlet, or else made Odin's fake in the first place. Whatever the case may be, when Thanos went to Eitri for a tool to wield the power of the Infinity Stones, he immediately made a golden glove. It would thus make some sense that Eitri remembered the legends of the Infinity Gauntlet and so made another one.

The Russo brothers' retcon makes sense from a dramatic point of view; the idea that Thanos is the first to ever combine the unfathomable might of the Infinity Stones is a thrilling one. Unfortunately, it directly contradicts some of the finer details of MCU continuity. In reality, this is the kind of minor continuity error that inevitably crops up when you have a decade of films to deal with. The irony, of course, is that this was a continuity error Marvel tried to fix - and in the process, they made the problem worse.

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