Avengers 3 Respects James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Style

Although Avengers: Infinity War comes from different directors, the movie will still respect the style and tone of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. With the recent trailer descriptions coming from D23, it seems like third Avengers movie isn't limiting itself in scale - this has been in the works from Marvel for a decade after all. But it's also going to be funny; the first time the Guardians meet one of the Avengers will be laced with comedy, seeing Thor smashing into the Milano to a flippant response from Rocket.

Keeping the Guardians signature wit is definitely a smart move. It would be easy to change gear and dial their comedic tone down a notch to suit the threat of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Since James Gunn reportedly wrote for the team a little, though, it's clear that Marvel and the Russo brothers are looking for connective tissue between the two teams. And the same goes of the directing style.

When speaking to Good Morning America, Dave Bautista discussed his initial concerns about working with the Russo brothers. He was worried that they would attempt to rewrite the characters to suit their film rather than carrying them over, but ultimately was put at ease seeing them work once filming had started:

“My biggest, pleasant surprise was working with the Russo brothers. I was familiar with their films, but I wasn’t familiar with how they did things on set, how they directed films. My big concern crossing over was that someone was going to try to take James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and try to turn them into their version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It worried me a little bit because I had already done two Guardians films. I knew Drax, I was comfortable with Drax and who he was and I didn’t want to take him in a weird direction that I didn’t think was good for the character."

WATCH: @DaveBautista on how great it was to have @JamesGunn’s vision for the @Guardians remain intact for @Avengers #InfinityWar. #D23expo

— Good Morning America (@GMA) July 16, 2017

It sounds like the directors' approached the Guardians in a similar way to other established actors on the Avengers roster leading up to Captain America: Civil War; the Russos didn't force a different style on them, but allowed them to flourish in the world established by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since they clearly cracked a successful formula with the Cap films, it's obvious they know how to write for different personalities.

Bautista went on to say that the duo were flexible when approaching the Guardians characters, allowing the actors to work in a way they're familiar with:

“But it wasn’t that at all. They kind of just let us do our thing. They gave us free reign to be the Guardians that we know and love and also gave us the luxury of having James Gunn write for us a little bit. But I was just amazed at how supportive they were at letting us just be our characters. They were like, ‘Just go for it.’ We’re really big on improving stuff, the Guardians are, and we started doing it business as usual and they just really go behind it….That’s something I honestly just wasn’t expecting, for someone to be so giving and just let us be ourselves.”

Aside from the character dynamics of their next film, hopefully the Russos took the (minor) criticisms of Civil War onboard when approaching Infinity War; especially that the 'War' aspect of their previous film felt a little underwhelming in scale. But if Anthony Mackie's words are anything to go by, the fights have grown a little bigger.

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Source: Good Morning America

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