Avengers 3: Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t Faze Black Widow

After 10 years of movies, Marvel Studios will be bringing everything and everyone together in an event unlike anything anyone's ever witnessed on the big screen. Avengers: Infinity War will be the start of this epic tale that will be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as fans have come to know and love, but also the beginning of what else the studio has planned. By attempting this feat, Marvel will be allowed to crossover characters from every section of this universe - but don't expect TV characters to be included.

In terms of the movie characters, Marvel can not be more different than the experiences of Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Black Widow has been through a lot during her time, but has yet to come across a cast of characters quite like the Guardians. That said, after fighting the Chitauri, Scarlett Johansson says her character is prepared for whatever comes next.

Johansson joined the Happy Sad Confused Podcast and talked about her Marvel role and the excitement that is had for Infinity War. When she was asked if meeting the Guardians could be too much to take in for a former spy, she said that nothing will faze Black Widow in her next appearance.

Somebody said to me the other day, they were like ‘Is Black Widow ready for the Guardians of the Galaxy?’ The last time aliens descended on New York I think my character was like, ‘Alright, I’ve seen it all. I’m good.’ So I don’t even think like a talking tree will faze her at this point.

Black Widow

While this may sound like a surprise at first, Johansson has a point when it comes to everything Widow has seen already. Outside of just the Chitauri, she has also come face-to-face with an Asgardian god and his evil brother and fought an army of robots led by the most advanced AI yet. With all that in mind and Widow's mentality, it really shouldn't be a surprise that meeting a giant tree and talking raccoon will be too much to handle.

That said, even if this is Widow's mindset in Infinity War, the rest of the characters may be more taken aback by everything set to unfold. Spider-Man for instance may have been growing up through all these events, but when it comes to meeting people from outer space or even fighting aliens, his response may be different. Any shock that the heroes initially have when they meet the Guardians should be set aside rather quickly once Thanos' attack begins. After all, nothing sets aside differences and shock when an overpowered titan sets his eyes on Earth.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast

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