Avengers: Infinity War Casting Call Hints at Military Scene

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in Avengers Infinity War

A new casting call for Avengers: Infinity War teases a possible military scene in the film. Marvel's next big ensemble film has been anticipated by fans since it was first announced back in 2014 as it marks the start of the culmination of everything that has transpired in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 10 years in the business of filmmaking.  Directed by Marvel veterans Joe and Anthony Russo and written by duo Stephen Markus and Christopher McFeely, the project promises high stakes and imminent deaths for some of our beloved Marvel characters while safeguarding the earth against its biggest threat yet, mad Titan Thanos.

Principal photography for Infinity War is presumed to have already wrapped up, with the cast and crew of the film already moving on with main shoots for the still-untitled Avengers 4. However, co-director Joe revealed back in July during San Diego Comic-Con that he and his brother, Anthony, still has some pick-up shots waiting to be filmed for Avengers 3 in the next several months. And this new casting call is possibly a part of those aforementioned scenes.

This information has come courtesy of Project Casting which recently posted a casting announcement for the project “Mary Lou,” which we know is the working title for Infinity War.  The slots are for extras who could play military men and are available to film on October 10 and 11. Wardrobe fittings, on the other hand, will take place today, Thursday, September 28 or Friday, September 29 in Fayetteville, Atlanta, Georgia. For the complete details regarding possible casting opportunities, check below:

"Work: October 10 + October 11 (2 Day Call)Location: Atlanta, GAFitting Required tomorrow or Friday!Rate: $68/8

Soldiers: Central Casting is looking for men over the age of 18, any ethnicity, to portray soldiers of various rankings. MUST be clean shaven and willing to receive a military haircut (high & tight). No larger than 44 coat and 36 waist to fit provided uniform. You should be physically fit as moderate exercise may be required."

All roads lead to Infinity War as Earth's Mightiest Heroes finally crosses paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy -- which is initially set-up in this November's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film, directed by Taika Waititi. Other single-operating characters meanwhile like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange (who is, likewise expected to make an appearance in Ragnarok), Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther are also gearing up for battle. And with such a big-scale film, it'll be interesting to see where this possible military sequence fits. At this point, it is difficult to gauge what the footage will be for, given the film's culminating feature, it could literally be anything connecting to the Infinity Stone arc that the MCU films have.

This new casting call follows another one from last week for looking for Caucasian females who would play extras as 1960s engineers and secretaries/clerks in Infinity War. Rumor has it that these extras will be for a possible flashback scene or a time-travel excursion for Strange with the use of the Time Gem.

While Avengers: Infinity War is still a good seven months away and fans would have to wait a bit longer to find out how the military scene fits in the film's narrative, there have been speculations rounding the internet that the first official trailer for the much-anticipated project can drop sometime soon. The D23/Comic Con Hall H exclusive first footage indicates that the movie looks every bit of epic as what Marvel Studios promises it to be and it is interesting if they will just release the same footage or cut a brand new one.

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Source: Project Casting

Key Release Dates
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017) release date: Nov 03, 2017
  • Black Panther (2018) release date: Feb 16, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War / The Avengers 3 (2018) release date: Apr 27, 2018
  • Ant-Man & The Wasp (2018) release date: Jul 06, 2018
  • Captain Marvel (2019) release date: Mar 08, 2019
  • The Avengers 4 / Avengers: Endgame (2019) release date: Apr 26, 2019
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