Avengers Filming Reportedly Returning To Scotland Next Year

The Avengers may be returning to Scotland; new reports state an MCU production will once again shoot in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Earth's Mightiest Heroes already visited Scotland earlier this year as part of extensive location shooting for Avengers: Infinity War. Quite what these sequences entail is unclear, but based on set photos it would appear to be the setting of an attack by the Children of Thanos on the team.

Right now, the cast is back at it to film Avengers 4 (due in 2019), the second of the back-to-back sequels that will detail the conquest of Thanos to attain the six Infinity Stones and rule the universe. That production is currently shooting in Japan, with filming expected to run through to the end of the year. However, we now have rumblings of even more Avengers filming.

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According to Scottish paper the Daily Record, industry sources say another Avengers production has been penciled in to be shot in Scotland in 2018. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow will reportedly be used again - the former appearing as itself and the latter a stand-in for a US city. Their source goes on to say that it will likely be in the middle of the year to avoid cast conflict with Infinity War's release.

The complication with this story is that the Daily Record makes a lot of assumptions without sharing proof from the source; the terms Marvel and Avengers are used interchangeably (making telling what the film in question is tricky), a summer date comes from presuming the cast's Infinity War press commitments (most key actors were there at some point), and they also infer the shoot will be of comparable size to the months of filming earlier this year. As presented it seems like a whole new Avengers film will be shot there next summer. However, knowing as we do that filming on the two announced films will be wrapped by then, that seems unlikely.

What we can safely glean from all this is that Marvel will likely return on some project next year. As such, if it is indeed Avengers-related, it's likely pickups on one of the current projects - either early 2018 for Infinity War to reshoot sequences already filmed or later on to add bridging parts to Avengers 4. These would naturally reuse the same locations, but wouldn't be as large productions. Importantly, it would mean that, whenever reshoots begin, we have some indication they've been planned all along (a major complaint currently putting Justice League under a lot of scrutiny).

Of course, there is a possibility they're talking about a new, different Marvel film; Captain Marvel is expected to be shooting in early 2018 and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 presumably in the middle of the year, so the dates fit. That hinges on how important the cities are, of course.

Reshoots seem the most likely - at this stage, the Russos will have a fair idea of what will need altering - but we'll have to wait until Avengers 4 wraps before we know for certain.

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Source: Daily Record

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