Avengers Casting Call Hints at Captain Marvel Sequence

New evidence has emerged hinting that Captain Marvel could appear in Avengers: Infinity War. When Infinity War hits theaters next year, it will be to the MCU what The Avengers was to blockbuster filmmaking. With nearly every Marvel character to date involved, the film aims to be the spectacle to end all spectacles. Along with the core Avengers, we'll see the Guardians, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange in on the action. However, the involvement of one Marvel superhero in the fight against Thanos, has yet to be either officially confirmed or denied.

In between Infinity War and Avengers 4Captain Marvel will finally arrive and introduce the world to Brie Larson's take on Col. Carol Danvers. Of course, many have speculated we could actually see the character show up first in Infinity War. While those rumors have not been confirmed, it's certainly not hard to imagine a cameo by Danvers or even a post-credits scene teeing up the character and her 2019 film. After all, if the next two Avengers movie are as connected as common sense would dictate, it stands to reason Captain Marvel would emerge at some point during the galactic showdown. Now, new evidence seems to indicate we could meet Earth's Mightiest Hero, sooner than later.

Captain Marvel co-director Ryan Fleck has posted an image to Instagram (see below), thanking some US Air Force cadets. While this could be scouting for his film, it's pretty early considering shooting isn't supposed to begin until January.

Big Thanks to cadets and staff at #usaf

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Meanwhile, another wrinkle has emerged in the form of a casting call on Project Casting for Avengers: Infinity War that further hints at a military presence in next year's movie:

***FEATURE FILM***MARY LOU*****Working August 28****Fitting: week of August 14th**Filming location TBD (Atlanta area or Fayetteville)New Faces Only!Rate: $68/8

Military Officers: Looking for men who appear to be 30’s-early 50’s, in good physical shape, to portray officers of various rankings. Must have short hair or be willing to get a military haircut. NO Facial Hair! Military experience is preferred, but not mandatory. Filming will be Monday 8/28 with a mandatory fitting the week of August 14th- must be available for both!

While the presence of the military in a film about global conflict isn't surprising, the casting call appearing online today along with Fleck's photo hints that Infinity War reshoots could feature Danvers in her role with the USAF. We could even get a tease of her as an officer and pilot before she gets her powers, possibly as someone responding to call for military intervention when Thanos arrives.

What's also interesting is the date of shooting. Given the timetables we've seen so far, all evidence points towards the fact that Infinity War is done shooting and Avengers 4 will be starting soon. Therefore, a date at the end of August would seem to hint at Avengers 4 shooting. 'Mary Lou' is the working title for Infinity War, however, so this casting call seems to point towards reshoots or additional shooting for a post-credits scene. It also makes sense Fleck and his partner Anna Boden would be involved in Infinity War, considering the shoot so far has been very respectful to other directors in the MCU.

In the end, the photo and casting call could merely be coincidences. Given how many character team-ups will be taking place in Infinity War though, it wouldn't be shocking to see Captain Marvel show up in some capacity. Then again, the movie will have no shortage of superheroes to pull narrative focus.

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