Whedon Teases Ultron's Origin & Scarlet Witch's Powers in 'The Avengers 2'

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During Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con 2013, the brief encore segment of the presentation involved Joss Whedon coming on stage and revealing the title for The Avengers sequel with a short bit of teaser footage and the official logoThe Avengers: Age of Ultron places the spotlight on a new villain joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Ultron isn't the only new key character in the ensemble.

For months the film - which hasn't even begun shooting - has generated buzz with talk of two new questionable heroes joining Earth's Mightiest. Ane of them might be involved in the magical creation of Ultron.

Speaking with EW, Whedon explains why Ultron was a great pick for him to serve as the primary antagonist of The Avengers 2.

"I knew right away what I wanted to do with him. He's always trying to destroy the Avengers, goddamn it, he's got a bee in his bonnet. He’s not a happy guy, which means he's an interesting guy. He's got pain. And the way that manifests is not going to be standard robot stuff. So we'll take away some of those powers because at some point everybody becomes magic, and I already have someone [a new character, Scarlet Witch] who's a witch."

Whedon had Ultron in mind while shooting The Avengers and here, there's a lot of interesting messaging in the writer-director's words, especially when it comes to Ultron's origins not being "standard robot stuff" followed by the confusing phrase that "everybody becomes magic." From the introduction of the the Age of Ultron title at Comic-Con we know Ultron - or at least one incarnation of him in the film - will be built from an Iron Man suit. We also know that Whedon has a new origin story for the character that's not from Marvel Comics - where Hank Pym (Ant-Man) was responsible for creating the villain. Ant-Man writer-director Edgar Wright also recently touched on why Ultron was never a part of his movie's story.

With the brother-sister act of  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to be introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Whedon now confirming that Scarlet Witch's powers will involve magic, perhaps she has something to do with Ultron's creation. In the Ultimate comics they do share an interesting romantic relationship - and it's that version of Scarlet Witch who makes one of the Ultron robots learn emotion. It's also that very same robot that ends up killing Scarlet Witch later in the series so it'll be interesting to see just how intense The Avengers will get with Whedon promising to "twist the knife" and vaguely teasing "death" when referring to his script.

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Whedon continued, explaining that he's attempting to "ground" the Ultron character, even as an angry supervillain robot, and explains that he loves the character, "because he’s so pissed off." Can you picture Elizabeth Olsen (rumored contender for Scarlet Witch) sharing a relationship with Ultron? Will the introduction of Ultron lead to the introduction of the android Avenger, Vision - who also had a relationship with Scarlet Witch?

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Source: EW

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