Chris Evans on Captain America's Search For Home in 'Avengers 2'

Chris Evans Talks The Avengers 2 (Comic-Con 2014)

Marvel's team of superheroes will be severely tested in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, as one of Tony Stark's mechanical creations (the titular Ultron) runs amok and threatens the entire world.

The Avengers sequel is one of the most anticipated movies of 2015; it also happened to be one of the most anticipated movies of Comic-Con 2014, where we fought hard for a spot on the Avengers 2 press line, in order to ask the cast questions about where their respected characters are headed. In the case of Chris Evans' Captain America, the personal challenge is still very much the same in this new film: Finding his place as a man out of time.

According to Evans:

That's gonna be a tougher one to answer without giving stuff away! You know, he is a soldier, so he does look for kind of a hierarchy, a structure, a chain of command. And now that S.H.I.E.L.D. is disbanded, The Avengers are leaning on one another without kind of a-- there's no boss to report to. So [Cap] is looking for a sense of home, in a way - and I can't give anymore! If I give any more I'm gonna get in trouble!

Chris Evans Talks The Avengers 2 (Comic-Con 2014)

One thing is certain, however: this time around, Cap will have much more of a family structure underneath him, as The Avengers - once individual misfits briefly united in purpose - are now a full-fledged team unit (when the film begins, at least):

We start out as a team. In the first movie you have to establish the kind of team dynamic, but with this movie we get to hit the ground running. And we're already a group, and we're already kind of a team dynamic - and Spader [a.k.a. Ultron]  throws a little bit of a wrench in the works.

This seems to be the running theme of Avengers: Age of Ultron - stretching as far back as Joss Whedon's initial concept for the film. James Spader's Ultron won't just pose a physical (or technological) threat to Earth's Mightiest Heroes - no, the real danger seems to be Ultron's psychological attack on the team.

EW Cover - Ultron's Robots (Avengers 2 Comic-Con Preview)

The fact that Ultron is a byproduct of Iron Man's design will already invite blame-game tensions into the group - and his ability to access and manipulate digital data can easily divide the Avengers for easy conquer. Given the core nature of the Avengers team (to paraphrase Dr. Banner, 'they're not a team, they're a time bomb!'), there is also the danger of Ultron being able to mess with the psyches of the team's more unstable members (Hulk) - with Scarlett Witch's psychic powers being the main culprit for such head games. Lest we forget, Ultron isn't rolling alone: he's got The Twins and an army of robots at his side.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Full Poster (featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Vision)

For Cap, this war against the machines will definitely be another big blow. In First Avengerhe literally lost his place in the world, fighting for the greater good; in Avengers he found a family amidst being lost in a strange society; in Winter Soldier,he found out the new world he'd joined was much murkier than he ever thought; and in Age of Ultron, it sounds like his fragile family bonds will be shattered.

Early Captain America 3 story details hint at the possibility of Steve Rogers either losing his life, or handing off the mantle of Cap to someone else - which would quite possibly make Captain America the character with the roughest story arc in superhero movie franchise history. It's all a lot of speculation at this point, though; beyond the Cap's personal story in Avengers 2, we're just hoping he's still the badass guy we saw in Winter Soldier.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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